Which zodiac sign is scorpio really comfortable with?


Scorpio is a sign not suitable for all audiences. It keeps a lot inside it and there are times that are scary. To be honest, Scorpio is not that person you would trust with your eyes closed. But he has something that attracts, something that makes you want to go with him / her to the darker side of his / her heart. These are the signs that Scorpio is really compatible with:

Scorpio + Gemini:

This combination is somewhat dangerous, but at the same time very explosive. Scorpio and Gemini are attracted from the get-go. There is something about Scorpio that attracts a lot of Gemini’s attention. And there is something about Gemini that makes Scorpio want to go hand in hand with him / her at the end of the world.

They are NOT the perfect match, but they don’t pretend to be either. It is true that it is difficult for them to understand each other, but when they get to bed, all problems are forgotten. The sexual tension between these two is incredible, really, it can be the best in the entire Zodiac. What makes this relationship so special, besides that passion, is that they have almost nothing in common. They say that opposites attract and this is the clear example of this.

Scorpio + Cancer:

This is a combination that ALMOST always works. The two are signs that water that are perfectly understood. They are very intuitive, faithful, and, above all, very passionate. All of these are the keys why your relationship works so well. It is true that they will have their ups and downs, because, in addition, they are very unstable and unpredictable signs. But behind all this, they have the keys to understand each other perfectly.

Cancer has something that makes Scorpio feel safe in the relationship and see that this is rare.  Scorpio needs fidelity and Cancer is a sign that will always give it to him. And in turn, Cancer needs love and affection and Scorpio has no problem giving it to him. When they come together they can achieve everything they set their mind to. They have many things in common and that is why they will never get bored or stop having reasons to love each other.

Scorpio + Virgo:

The mystery in one combination. Both are signs that convey something different, something that cannot be explained in words. In their relationship, be that as it may, there will always be magic, there will always be something that hooks and that makes them continue together. That is something super important in a relationship. Despite the differences and problems, Scorpio and Virgo know how to make their relationship last a long time.

The passion of Scorpio is something that attracts Virgo very much. And Scorpio is very attracted to that security that Virgo transmits from the first moment. For both of them, trust is something super important and that will be the basis of their relationship.

Scorpio + Pisces:

This relationship can be a bit intense. Both are water signs and that makes them understand each other perfectly. Scorpio gives Pisces that strength that fish sometimes lack. And Pisces gives Scorpio that tranquility that he needs so much at times. They are very sensitive and that makes the emotional connection between these two signs very strong.

From Scorpio, Pisces will learn to put aside their insecurities and bring their more rebellious side to the light. And from Pisces, Scorpio will learn to let go more and to live life without so many worries. Best of all, they always have different points of view, but they can be super compatible.

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