Which zodiac sign is cancer really comfortable with?


Cancer is a very sensitive sign that needs to love and feel loved. Cancer’s heart needs good love and it will love you until the end of time as long as you don’t hurt its feelings. With little he is happy and that is the best of all. He will always do everything he can to make the relationship healthy and long-lasting. These are the signs that Cancer is really compatible with:

Cancer + Taurus:

When Cancer meets Taurus, it can come to feel that it has found its soul mate. Cancer is a person who needs security, needs someone to transmit what he / she lacks. And Taurus needs a person to trust, someone who is honest. They both like to go slow, they like to take care of the relationship and the heart of the other person. At first, it can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to flirting and getting into the relationship.

Both are very introverted signs when trust is lacking. But once one of the two takes the plunge (usually Cancer), everything changes. They are super compatible because one has what the other lacks. Cancer has that sensitivity and that affection that Taurus lacks. And Taurus, for his part, has the security and confidence that Cancer yearns for. This relationship can be one of the best in the Zodiac.

Cancer + Cancer:

This combination can be very special. Only a Cancer is capable of perfectly understanding another Cancer. Only such a special heart is capable of understanding another special one. It can be a dangerous combination, but that’s what makes it so special. There is no one capable of describing the bond that can be created between two crabs. It is a sign that feels so much and with such intensity that when two equal people come together, the strongest love in the world can come to exist.

The relationship between two Cancer flows very fast because from the beginning it is understood. They look at each other and are able to understand each other, without words. It is an intense relationship for both good and bad. A difficult relationship, but at the same time very passionate.

Cancer + Scorpio:

This combination always works. Both are water signs that are perfectly understood. They are very intuitive, faithful and, above all, very passionate. This makes the relationship great. It is true that they will have their ups and downs, because, in addition, they are very unstable and unpredictable signs. But behind all that mystery, they understand each other.

Cancer has something that makes Scorpio feel safe in the relationship and see that this is rare. Scorpio needs fidelity and Cancer gives it to him. And in turn, Cancer needs love and affection, and Scorpio gives him all his heart. When they come together they can achieve everything they set their mind to. They have many things in common so they will never get bored and they will never stop having reasons to love each other. It is the mystery of Scorpio that attracts Cancer so much. And it is the affection and love of Cancer that attracts Scorpio.

Cancer + Pisces:

They are the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and with the best heart and that can only mean a good thing. If I could stay together for a lifetime, I would do it without problems. When they are together, the rest of the world forgets and only the two of them remain. There is nothing else. And yes, problems will arise, as in all relationships, but by joining such a strong bond, everything disappears.

They both walk towards the same goals, they both have the same plans in life and that will lead them to bond even more.  It may be a bit complicated at first, because they are so similar that sometimes they will collide, but precisely because of that, they will end up understanding each other perfectly and becoming an enviable couple.

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