Which Is the Most Compatible Sign With Sexy Taurus J Balvin?


The confidence, the good vibes, and the energy that J Balvin transmits are super contagious, everyone knows that, but also, José has many more incredible qualities that he makes us participate in on many occasions thanks to his stories and his publications on social networks.

J Balvin was born on May 7 and, although in this case, we do not know him personally (hopefully one day), we intuit that he is a fairly disciplined and passionate person with what really motivates him in life. It is no coincidence that Time magazine has considered him one of the 100 most influential people of 2020. 

We already know that Taurus is greatly influenced by the energy of Venus (its ruling planet) and that energy is closely related to the great pleasures of life. People born under the sign of Taurus like Balvin want to live well, with comforts, with peace of mind, without stress, and knowing that they will always have what it takes to take care of their own. They acquire the role (without looking for it) of leaders in almost all their environments. Anyone knows of the protection that Taurus offers their loved ones, be it emotional or material and that is something that everyone appreciates very much.

But beware, although everyone can now see a person like José with a lot of triumphs and successes behind him, the beginnings were not always easy. This is something that characterizes many, many Taurus. No one ever gave him ANYTHING as well he has let us know in some of his posts. If Taurus gets what he wants, it is because he actually has tenacity and perseverance that sometimes scares him. He’s stubborn to the max (look, it’s worth being stubborn sometimes), and when something gets between his eyebrows, he goes for it.

In addition, Taurus is very realistic, he knows his limitations and that is probably why J Balvin knew that he would walk hand in hand with success. He was worth it, and he knew it, and no one would be able to take away his dream.

If Black Horoscope had a list of the most influential Taurus, it would probably be in the Top 3.

Here are the signs most compatible with a Taurus as sexy as him: TAURUS AND VIRGO (A couple that can be very long-lasting)

This couple understands each other perfectly. What’s more, we know that J Balvin spent many years with the prestigious sports journalist María Osorio (Virgo), and also, they get along phenomenally. It is true that there is good chemistry between earth signs. What they can collide with is how stubborn they can sometimes become for wanting to be right but taking that away, they are signs that use common sense and logic a lot. That’s why they almost always end up pretty good.

It is a couple that can end for different reasons but the main one, perhaps due to lack of emotion or more personal changes of direction. In the end, they are two signs that they try very hard to achieve success in their personal life, and in that case, they are able to sacrifice some other things to feel fully fulfilled.

TAURUS AND CAPRI (Both have many goals in common)

We return to talking about two earth signs together. This union can also be long-lasting. Taurus can teach Capricorn the positive things, he will try to make his insecurities fade little by little and above all, he will finally make him feel loved. Taurus is very realistic but unlike the other two earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), his planet Venus brings out his kindest and most tender side, and that in the end, helps the relationship flow.

Capri can teach Taurus not to let down in the tensest moments, to learn that real friends are counted on the fingers of one hand, not to be so trusting at times. Something very important is that it is a couple that is very committed to the relationship and neither of them will hesitate to squeeze in every opportunity to move forward together.

TAURUS AND CANCER (They provide what they need)

These two signs are destined to get along but it is true that Taurus can stress Cancer a bit with those manias of having everything so controlled and Cancer can make Taurus nervous with such lunatic mood swings. The Crab can give Taurus that affection that he sometimes misses so much, he can make him forget everything when he hugs him, he can be that person who follows him to the end of the world and he can make his goals grow by contributing revolutionary ideas. Taurus can offer Cancer security, stability, and a lot of comforts. Sometimes that is what the Crab wants most, to feel safe in a world as harsh as this.

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