Which Is the Least Sympathetic Zodiac Sign in a Relationship?


When it comes to relationships and zodiac signs, there are many ways to live them as each has its own personality. There are people who try to understand and sympathize more with the feelings of their partner and there are others who go directly on the subject. Next, we show you the ranking of the signs that are least sympathetic in a relationship. Take note because you may be surprised by the position of a sign. Read on and find out where you fall on the list!


We find Leo at number one in the ranking thanks to his well-known egocentricity. He is a person who cannot allow himself to lose control, he does not have enough time to stop to see how you feel, what your feelings are and the problems that surround you. Leo is too focused on his own feelings to focus on those of others.

If there is a disagreement between you and Leo, it is most likely that Leo wants to make you understand that he / she is right. He will not stop until he succeeds, he does not care about all your arguments and all your ideas, for him / her they will be shit. Leo is a generous person with the people he loves, but when it comes to sympathizing with the feelings of others and especially with those of his partner, he has much to learn.


Cancer has a very hard time controlling her emotions in any situation in her life. He is a person who can be a bit unstable for others. Cancer is very emotional and feels things with a much greater intensity than others. He prefers that his emotions take over him totally to feel alive, it is a way of seeing that his interior is still active.

Despite the level of sensitivity that Cancer has, it can become quite a selfish person in a relationship. When Cancer has a partner, they have millions of insecurities inside, they believe that everyone who comes close to their partner comes to take it away. That is why Cancer is constantly thinking about how to solve its own insecurities and forgets to look more for the feelings of its partner. Cancer fuck, put your fucking jealousy aside and focus on the positives in your relationship.


When it comes to sympathizing in a relationship, Aries can be quite a contradictory person. You have the ability to be an understanding, loving person and to analyze in depth everything you feel. Aries will want to understand everything that happens to you in order to help you, to make you feel better. Aries will always try to improve their relationship.

However, that won’t last long. Aries is too independent a person to put 100% of their effort into sympathizing with you. Aries will try to be a good listener, but their urges to do whatever they want will eventually cause them to tune out. Aries tries, but they will always throw their impulses more. Of course, he will always feel enthusiastic about what you feel for him / her and that will make your relationship very, very special, stormy, but special ...


Virgo is an extremely intelligent person. He never makes a decision that he is not 100% sure of, he knows that anything can happen to him, so he prefers to be cautious and realistic. Virgo is known to be quite a shy person, and he is, but very few people know that from his shyness he is also judging everything he does while you are the outgoing person, the person who makes impulsive and silly decisions.

Virgo is a very critical person and that is in his nature, there is no way to erase it from his personality. A relationship with him / her can be quite complicated, you can feel observed, analyzed and judged at all times. That is why Virgo does not tend to sympathize with others too much, because he spends too much time observing everything he does to criticize him later.


Taurus is a very intelligent, sensible and practical person. He is one of those people who has his feet on the ground, that of living in the clouds constantly like others does not go too much with him / her. He is a very realistic person with everything he does, says and thinks. That is why in a relationship with Taurus, whatever the type, there is more than one collision.

Taurus has a lot of difficulty understanding the opinions of others, his are very firm. Taurus will try, but it is very difficult if the thoughts of others are not similar to yours. Despite this, Taurus has a lot of respect for all the people around him and even if the idea you may have seems like a real shit, he / she will always respect it, he / she will not share it, but he / she will respect it.


Aquarius can become a persuasive person. He is a person who is very clear about his ideas and is always determined to carry them out. That is why your ability to sympathize with your partner is not very high. Aquarius is a very independent person, he is a Libra soul and will always live his life on the fringes of everything. He is a person who does not tie himself to anything or anyone, he prefers to live as he / she wants without anyone telling him anything.

It is for this reason that you may not get to sympathize at all, if your partner’s ideas are very similar to yours there will be no problem because they will live life with the same philosophy, but if not, things are complicated. Aquarius is not that he does it on purpose, it is that it is like that, he already has enough with his things to have to be internalizing that of others as well.


Capricorn, like its earth brothers, is a very practical, patient and realistic sign. Capri loves routine and does not like surprises at all, it is something that takes him out of his comfort zone and he / she is very comfortable in it. He is a fairly organized person, which is why he likes to have everything under control, staying in one place and at the last minute changing plans can get him out of his mind. Damn, it’s not that complicated either, things well done, right Capri?

Despite the calculated life she seems to lead, Capri can be a very understanding person. That is due to the responsibility that he / she gives himself as a person, he cares a lot about his emotional stability. Capri knows that for this to be in perfect balance the person with whom she is in a relationship has to be fine. For this reason, Capricorn will not stop worrying about the feelings of his partner, caring for and loving her and trying to understand everything that goes through his heart.


Libra is a very peaceful and calm person and loves to be. He also loves his sociable nature, in his right measure. Libra is a person that you will always want to have around because he / she is a good friend. Of course, Libra is very good / and everything you want, but he is not an asshole, he has suffered enough disappointments so he will be as good a friend / to yours as you are to him / her.

Libra will always try to look out for your interests, for how you feel, it will always be aware of when you need help. Libra is like that, always putting others before him / her. You can be one of the most understanding people, but when there is a conflict in the relationship you can go crazy and focus so much on resolving your own internal conflicts that you will forget how the other person feels.


Gemini is a great friend, he is a person who will always make you feel comfortable. Gemini will feel at home as long as they are surrounded by their social environment, they are a person who loves meeting new people and incorporating them into their environment. For Geminis, the bigger their social environment the better, they feel that this way they will have contact anywhere in the world.

For all this, when you are paired with a Gemini, it may give you the impression that they are not with you 100%, but quite the opposite. Gemini is a person who loves to support you, make you feel good and make you let go of everything you have inside. That is why he becomes one of the people who most sympathize with his partner. Damn, it’s the most normal thing in the world to want to understand everything your partner feels and thinks, but why are you with her?


Sagittarius is an adventurous, carefree, charismatic, and incredibly social person. The best thing about all this is that he does it with all the naturalness in the world. Sagittarius loves to be a good friend and understand everyone close to him / her. As a friend Sagi can listen to you while she makes you laugh, while she makes you feel better about your struggles, but if you are her partner that is another level.

Sagittarius will make your partner feel like the most understood person in the world. Sagi, can become a very independent person, but when he is in love his only mission is to make that special person happy and he knows that one of the best ways is by listening to her. It is true, that in some moments Sagi can get bored, but that will never derail him from his goal.


Scorpio is a very fighter person, he is one of those people that you will never see give up. He has a very deep and very emotional way of living life. It seems incredible to find Scorpio positioned in this position as one of the most understanding people. But that’s the way it is, Scorpio can be everything you want, but when it comes to sympathizing with your partner, there is no one who will beat you.

Scorpios have been through so much in life that they feel the need to understand and listen to their partner. He / she on many occasions has not had anyone by his side to vent and he knows how hard it is, that is why Scorpio will always try to rise to the occasion. Damn, for Scorpio it is the most normal thing in the world, the beauty of a couple is to understand each other 100%, look and know what that special person is going through.


Of course, it could not be another person, Pisces is the most understanding person and the one who most sympathizes with his partner in the entire zodiac. There are many reasons why Pisces is in this position. The first one is that the capacity to empathize that he has is incredible, he always does everything possible to understand others, especially his partner. She will become so obsessed with understanding everything her partner feels that she will try to understand her in every possible way and if she still does not succeed, Pisces will always be there to support her.

In addition, the romanticism that Pisces brings to the relationship will make your partner always calm. Pisces will make your partner the happiest person in this world, or at least they will. In short, Pisces may be the best partner you can find if what you are looking for is understanding. Hell, if Pisces does know how to treat people, more than one should learn from him / her.

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