Which are the zodiac signs you can trust the most?


Our zodiac sign can reveal a lot about ourselves and our loved ones. They can help us discover who we can trust the most and who cannot be trusted as much as we believed. When we speak of trust we can never be sure of who we let into our lives and share our secrets, we must be very careful. Most of us have been through situations where we have trusted the wrong person. If you are curious to know which signs you can trust and which you can’t, be attentive because here we bring you the ranking of the signs you can trust the most:


With Capricorn you don’t have to worry that your deepest and darkest secrets will be safe. Everything you have said in his presence will be safe, Capricorn is one of those people who take everything to the grave. For Capricorn his word is very important, this means that if he promised you something, be sure that he will fulfill it. If Capricorn does not keep his word, be calm because surely there is a good explanation behind it.

Capricorn will always tend to improve when everything is ordered and structured, his way of life is that. In general, everyone feels good when they are around Capricorn because they know that everything they do will be kept under lock and key.


Cancer would do anything for the people he loves. When Cancer loves someone, they feel the need to care for and adore that person. Everyone knows that Cancer is an extremely emotional being, and that sensitivity makes him especially trustworthy. The simple fact that Cancer would do anything for the people he loves makes him extremely trustworthy.

It is obvious that Cancer is not well known for being the person with the best behavior in the entire zodiac, but this makes them know very well what the whole story about good and evil is about. That is why he will always go the extra mile, if he has to do it to protect his loved ones and make sure they are all safe, he will.


Taurus can be one of the most trustworthy and loyal people. What makes Taurus trustworthy is not the fact that they will never let your secrets slip, because anything is possible, it is loyalty to their loved ones. Taurus usually has two sides, a clear side that allows him to do anything for his loved ones. And a dark side that makes me sometimes make decisions that do more harm than good. But Taurus knows this and does everything possible to control that dark side.

Taurus is a person who always thinks twice before doing them, he likes things to be done well and will not take a step like that without more. This makes Taurus seem like a level-headed person and makes most people trust him / her. Taurus will be everything you want, but never treacherous.


When Libra is not very fond of someone or is not very used to their presence, they will most likely show something indecisive or simply will not be very nice to that person. However, when Libra cares about someone, they understand that whatever type of relationship it is, everything requires a certain time, effort and commitment for the relationship to become stronger.

When Libra really cares or loves someone, it is because they fully trust that person. Libra will always be by your side, he will be by your side for both good and bad, no matter the circumstances and this is what makes him a person who can be trusted.


Scorpios can often come off as quite a tough person, a bit inappropriate with their comments, and even a bit of a brute. Scorpio may be many things, but he will never be a person who cannot be trusted. Everyone knows that when Scorpios become attached to certain people, there is nothing they don’t do for them, especially when they really care.

Oddly enough, Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, but it is only with the people who love and care about him / her. Once you have captured Scorpio’s interest, he will be by your side for an eternity. On the contrary, if he does not know you at all, he will not do anything for you and that may be the main reason why he seems like a cold and distant person.


Virgo is that person who is constantly worrying about you. This tendency to be constantly worried is a key point when it comes to why you are a very trustworthy person. Virgo loves to make sure their loved ones are okay and will do everything they can to make sure they are.

What very few people know is that Virgo will do whatever they ask, at least if the person asking is within their circle. Even if it is something that is not within the principles of Virgo, it will. Virgo will go the extra mile, especially if it benefits them too, because they know that’s one way to earn the trust of the people they love.


Although Aries is known for his impulsiveness, he is an extremely logical person. This means that Aries is a smart person and will not let their emotions be a fairground show. If something no longer seems right to him, he will do his best to change it, even leaving his best friend behind if necessary.  This can sometimes make Aries seem like they’re not the right person to trust. But Aries will do all of that because it knows what is right at the time.

Aries will do everything possible so that everything runs its course and this does not mean that if later it finds another more suitable method, it will not change its course, on the contrary, it will. Aries always tends to think that it is the best for everyone, which is why it makes it the seventh most reliable sign.


Aquarius is a lovely person, incredibly intelligent, but can often have quite a high ego that can get in the way of trusting him / her. Their loved ones usually always count on Aquarius, but the ego often makes Aquarius feel displaced. Because your friends don’t want to tell you a lot about what might happen.

Aquarius is a person who is known for his brilliant ideas, but he tends to put everything aside, he is not very constant. The walls around his heart make him a person who can be trusted rather little. The ego is what makes Aquarius sometimes seem like a very distant person.


Geminis have more mood swings than Mother Nature. This causes Geminis on many occasions to break their promises when in reality they have no intention of doing so. It is not that you cannot trust Gemini, it has more to do with the fact that he has many things in his head and sometimes it is difficult for him to process all at once, which is why many times it seems that his tongue is too long.

It is very likely that on more than one occasion you will find Gemini jumping in and out of relationships. Gemini is a person who is not satisfied with what he has and always wants more and when he does not like something, he leaves, but in the end he always ends up coming back. This sometimes makes Geminis seem like a bad company, but in reality what Geminis does is say things to your face and come back when they know they are wrong.

Nº10 LEO

Actually, Leo is a very good person at keeping secrets, you just have to tell him to keep it. The problem that Leo has is that he has this little habit of appearing too selfish at times and this creates a bit of mistrust. Despite this, Leo cares too much about the people he loves, he is an extremely affectionate person and only wants to receive the same affection.

However, if he does not like you too much, it is very likely that he will not generate any confidence because he will let you know in one way or another that he does not want you in his life. That high ego that Leo has will make him seem too arrogant a person and many people will not want to get close to meeting him because he does not generate any confidence in them. The only problem that Leo has is that he needs some time and the world lately doesn’t have that.


Sagittarius is one of those people who socialize so much that it is difficult to trust them. What almost no one knows is that, despite being a very sociable person, Sagittarius will choose very well who they want to be around and who they don’t. Sagittarius shares their intimacy with very few and those few can feel privileged. Of course, Sagittarius is very committed to his family and if someone tries to harm him, he will not hesitate to eliminate that person from his life for a second.

Although Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs, it has its negative side. And it is that he will not do anything that does not benefit him in one way or another. Of course, when Sagittarius cares about someone, which usually happens infrequently, they really care and that person can fully trust him / her. If not, you’d better find another confidant.


Pisces is a person who is here, there, up, down, he is practically in everything he can. Because of this it can be a lot of fun to relate to Pisces, but at the same time it creates some mistrust. This is because you never know when it will disappear, since it is everywhere at once.

Pisces is a person who is constantly dreaming and this can sometimes be a problem. The world promises you when it knows that it is impossible. The main problem that Pisces has when it comes to trusting him / her is that they do not have enough attention span. It has its head in thousands of places, creating millions of ideas, situations and experiences and this makes it unable to focus on you. This is why Pisces becomes the least reliable sign of all, because it has its head elsewhere, but it is not as bad as it seems. It is only because of his attitude that he seems distant, but he is much closer than he appears.

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