Which are the safest signs?


Some of us stand out for one thing, others for another, and just as we all have a virtue that is more striking, in some moments we also lack some characteristics that in certain aspects are fundamental. We will talk about safety, let’s see how safe you are according to your zodiac sign.


You are not an insecure Virgo person, however, you have a bit of stage fright and when it comes to exposing something in front of a group of people you get scared. The same thing happens to you on first dates, you think a lot about how you should behave and embarrassment can. Sometimes you underestimate yourself in this sense, because the reality is that for others you are a person with a capacity to express yourself that many would like for themselves.


You work hard so that your life and your weaknesses do not always come to light Aquarius and, although this does not directly make you an insecure person, the truth is that you need to hide some things so that you do not feel that you are. To increase your confidence, sometimes you put a barrier that many find it difficult to cross, except the usual people, those who know you and respect you with the good and the bad.


Cancer you worry too much about small things that, although for others they are not important, for you they are. This is why sometimes those closest to you believe that you are insecure, or that you take things very personally. Nobody has the power to hurt you more than your own crab thoughts and that is why throughout your life you will have to work on this because otherwise you could go through unnecessary downturns.


Gemini’s have a capacity to adapt to people and situations that is amazing and even enviable, yet not everyone can like you. You are able to tell the other exactly what he wants to hear, even if you do not agree with it. If you ever lie inadvertently to please the other, it is not with bad intentions, it is because you feel insecure and on rare occasions you need to feel that acceptance that we all at some point yearn for. It is to understand!


Libra you also need from time to time to feel the approval of others to make you feel good about yourself or yourself. In moments of insecurity you can even see yourself in situations that are not pleasant for you, thank goodness that later you realize it and try not to get carried away by those kinds of emotions. You are a beautiful person and very, very nice, you can be with whoever you want and wherever you want without the need for strange stories ...


More than physical appearance, sometimes you need to show yourself and others your Taurus abilities. This is not really necessary, but like everyone else, at some point you become insecure and you see yourself doing and saying things that you do not need to stand out. Both those who know you well and those who do not immediately realize how intelligent and wise you can be in some aspects. Value yourself much more than we know deep down what you do ...


Aries seems like you have a skin of steel and that nothing can hurt you, but the truth is that you are quite sensitive. You don’t like anyone seeing you cry and when you are upset or irritated you try to make up for it with jokes and some sarcasm. You hate being seen as a weak person, so you sometimes act like you don’t care about anything or anyone, which is a huge lie. Take off that Aries facade, after all, you are human like everyone else ...


Pisces you are able to get up in front of a crowd to make a toast and make new friends around the corner, however, when you spend a lot of time only moments of insecurity come. You look at yourself in the mirror and observe everything about yourself, making an analysis that often does not conform to reality. It is normal that like everyone you are not always equally well, but the truth is that some appreciations for yourself are quite unfair.


Not just anyone can touch your security, although sometimes you have doubts, the truth is that within you you are very aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you do things well, no matter how much they tell you otherwise, you will realize it, and if you do things wrong, you recognize it without having to beat yourself up for it. You do very well Sagi because you know that excessive insecurity brings a lot of unhappiness and for you this life is to live it and enjoy it to the fullest ...


Capri you don’t think at all that you are the best or the best, but the truth is that you don’t give a damn what others think of you. Although at some point they may make you doubt if your conscience is calm, you know how to give yourself the value you deserve. In addition to being talented, you are very kind, of course you have your mistakes like everyone else, which you know how to recognize, but not for that you are going to be intimidated and feel that you are not worth it. Your strength and your security are worthy of admiration ...


Although you are aware of your Scorpio flaws, you like your personality and appearance. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself, and that is why you are happy to be who you are, with all that that may entail. By this we do not mean that you do not have the capacity for change or evolution, but only when you consider it and not because others want to do so. You are safe and honest with yourself, this is enough ...


Nobody can read with you, although you are aware of your mistakes and weaknesses, you trust yourself and your good work. Despite the doubts that may come to you at times, you have the certainty that you deserve the best and you will not settle for less, even if it costs you the same life. Both in friendships, at work and in love relationships, you demand the same thing that you give, which is not a little, and that is why this time you take the No. 1 position of the signs with greater self-confidence ... Bravo Leo!

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