Which are the most romantic signs ?


In the Zodiac, there are signs that are much more romantic and loving than others. When they fall in love, they become very loving people who are always on top of their partner. On the other hand, there are others who always go to their ball, who are independent and who look out for their good at all times. Read on to find out what the ranking of the most cloying signs of the Zodiac is:


The number one could not be occupied by another sign other than Cancer. Once the crab falls in love with you, it is to give absolutely everything. When you are apart, Cancer will bombard you with messages, to know what you are doing, how you feel, to tell you how much he / she loves and how important you are to him / her. When you are around, Cancer expects you to give as much physical contact as possible, hold hands, hugs, etc ... Cancer thrives on affection and not a day will go by without telling you how much you mean to him / her.


Pisces, once a relationship begins, they like to mark the territory, they like to make it clear to their partner how much they love her. Pisces has no problem showing affection in public, shaking hands, kissing you in front of strangers. Pisces is going to show off you in front of everyone, their friends, their family, anyone. He will go with you wherever you go, he wants to always be by your side. Pisces will be very proud that you are his partner and wants everyone to know. It can be very cloying, even too cloying.


Libra appearances can be deceiving, because when single, he goes independent and anti-love for life but when he falls in love, he can be very cloying. When you start a relationship, it is very difficult for you to detach yourself from your partner, you like to enjoy your company to the fullest. He hates being alone, being able to share his time with you. He will make all kinds of plans to spend as much time as possible with you. And when he can’t be with you, he’ll text you at all hours to remind you how much he misses you. Once Libra discovers true love, it is hard for him to get rid of it.


At the beginning of the relationship, Taurus will do his best to maintain his composure and not come across as too clingy. He’ll force himself to keep his distance, to expect you to talk to him first, and that sort of thing. But little by little, as he becomes more confident, he lets out his most romantic side. Ira leaving clues of how important you are to him / her. At first he restrains himself, yes, because he wants to maintain his reputation, but later, when he feels comfortable, he will express his love without fear and without shyness.


You did not expect Aquarius to have such a high position in this ranking, but when he falls in love, he changes completely. Aquarius can become very hooked in a relationship. Let go of your shyness and coldness and bring out your romantic and cloying side when you find that person who once understands you and knows how to value your strange heart. Aquarius is extremely detailed, he will use that creativity that characterizes him so much to show you how he feels about you. He will write you letters, prepare surprises for you, dedicate love songs to you, etc ...


Leo is thought to be an independent person in relationships because he likes to enjoy his personal space. But there is nothing that Leo likes more than receiving attention and affection from his partner. He loves to be congratulated, to be proud to have him in their life. If you do not tell Leo how much you love him, if he does not receive the amount of praise necessary from you, he will tire of you sooner than you imagine. Leo needs to make sure that he is important to you. Also, when he falls in love, he is a super romantic person. He wants to live the same love that is lived in romantic movies.


Gemini is unpredictable even for this, it is always coming and going. There are days when you want to be alone, not know anything about the world and solve your problems on your own. And other days, you want to be the most cloying and close person possible. At the beginning of the relationship, it is very difficult to know which side he is on each day, whether on the independent side or the other, but little by little you will learn to know how his mind works. As you get to know him, you can guess what his mood is that day so that you can act accordingly.


When Virgo falls in love, his main mission is to make his partner happy. And if your partner likes physical contact, messages at all hours and constant attention, Virgo will give it to you. And, on the contrary, if your partner prefers to respect the limits, Virgo will be the first to respect them. It is that person who knows perfectly how to satisfy the needs of others. He will change his behavior based on what his partner needs at that time. Obviously, Virgo has a quite distant character, but he does not mind forcing himself to be more affectionate if he knows that this will make his partner happy. You are not being fake, you are just being understanding.


Scorpio can have a lot of character and be a person with a difficult humor to deal with, but, on the other hand, he is a very passionate person. Normally, in his day to day, he is a very detached person, who gives the minimum doses of affection, the ones that come directly from the heart. But when passion ignites him, when suddenly something awakens in him, he feels the need to show everything to his partner, to give all the love he has stored inside. This happens very occasionally, but when it happens, the world changes completely. Scorpio transports you to another galaxy with his passion.


When you meet Capricorn for the first time, you see in him / her a super independent person. In a relationship, you always need your space. But when she truly falls in love, when she decides that a person is worth it and also her time and effort, everything changes. Capricorn is not cloying level to be on top of you all day, it is more, the less physical contact the better, it is not the type of person that robs you of your independence. Capricorn will treat you like royalty. He is polite, committed, kind. It will make you feel very loved.


Aries is too independent a person. He does not want anyone to tie him up, not a place, not a person. You want and need the freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want it. You do not need to be sending messages explaining to your partner all the time, nor do you need to be by your partner’s side all day to be able to feel complete. Once you find the true person who fills your heart and who you know is forever, you won’t mind bringing out your caring side. But it won’t be like that with just anyone, even if it’s your partner ...


It is very rare for Sagittarius to be in a serious relationship, it is more of casual relationships and little commitment. So, if Sagittarius has decided to start a real relationship, it is because that person means a lot to him / her. Sagittarius is used to going to his ball, to being alone, to thinking for himself. You are not used to having to keep an eye on someone else, so you will need some time to adjust to this new situation. You need time to manage your emotions, to learn to be loving, to open your heart, and to reorganize your priorities.

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