Which Are The Most Impulsive Signs?


We all act under impulses at some point in our lives but it is true that some have more patience and self-control of everything. And they know that maybe, on certain occasions, you have to swallow hard and count to 10 before jumping in and doing something crazy. Because not all impulses are good, some can be that push we need to do something, others, take us to the most absolute of ruins. This is the ranking of the most impulsive signs:


Squatter ranked  No. 12  in the ranking  SIGNS more impulsive.  Of course, sometimes you have been given those impulses of wanting to do something in the moment, it is obvious, but deep down you know how to wait. You have the ability to control yourself even if it sometimes costs your life, especially when someone tries to provoke you.  You are an earth sign and you gradually learn that things turn out better for you when you think twice. Overly impulsive people can become unbalanced in your life. You know. I know.


You occupy the position  Nº11  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  In life, you have learned to put aside impulses because they have rarely brought you good things. You have fired up in many discussions and if they touch your pride or your reputation you will go crazy like the most, but in reality, madness is not always the same as impulsiveness. When you want something, you think very hard about how to get it and which way is the best and fastest way to get it.  You are also one of those who quite detest capricious people who need to have everything they want at the moment and do not work on it constantly. You know. I know.


You occupy the position  Nº10  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  You know that in some moments of your life you would kill if necessary but you are smarter than that and you breathe to contain yourself. You are a sign that likes to analyze and study everything so as not to rush. Normally when Virgo says or does something, it is not impulsive, if not premeditated. You can scream, get on your nerves, explode or explode with something but you know what you are doing and what you are not doing and you are capable of dominating yourself if it can harm you in something.  You know. I know.

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You occupy the position  Nº9  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  Sure you are impulsive, but you have learned quickly to control yourself. Let’s say that sometimes you hold back. You have had to stumble several times to know how to close your mouth in time, meditate for a few seconds before speaking, and thus, really achieve much more than you had proposed. You think things through or at least you try. In reality, you think that people who are too impulsive always end up spoiling it (it has happened to you too) so, although it seems that sometimes you are taken away, everything is thought out. An important fact, in love you are passionate like the most and, surely on that subject it is almost impossible to think anything, you will only act on blind impulses, even if you hate it. You know. I know.


You occupy the position  Nº8  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  You are impulsive, of course, the difference with the rest is that it passes you right away. You can wish you had or do something without even thinking about whether you can or should. When you are alone it is very likely that the impulses win you, but if there is someone who calms you down by your side it is also possible that you end up calming down. This is how you work. You just need good advice to stop that impulsiveness. Good advice and people who transmit peace and harmony to you.


You occupy the position  Nº7  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  It is true that when something has gotten into your head it is almost impossible to make you change your mind, at least if you are not entertained with something else. You are impulsive, of course, but the best thing is that you have already learned that since your mood changes overnight, you also have to learn to control those impulses that you know will not lead to anything good. You are learning but with you, everything can happen, it is likely that one day you will wake up excited and say everything that comes to your mind, without thinking, and another, you will be the most prudent person in the world. Up and down, we already know, and so do you.


You are ranked  No. 6  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  You know how to give advice to others about patience, calm, or tranquility and yes, you try to carry it out. TRYING. But of course, everything has a limit. In reality,  your impulsiveness surfaces when there is someone behind you that makes you explode.  There, you will not think of any consequences. You will throw yourself at the neck, with whoever it is, your words may be hurtful and bleeding, but to you, in those moments, everything does not matter to you. In the material, you are not very capricious, but the few times that something you want to achieve comes into your head, you go for it. Although if you think about it at least, a couple of times. You know. I know.

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You are ranked  No. 5  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  On many occasions you do not care to do it wrong, you do not care to do it well, the important thing is to do it, try, and more if it got into your head. You are an air sign therefore quite variable, one day you are up and another day you are down. You also doubt too much, that is why you are not among the TOP of the most impulsive but you also believe that you have hunches in your life and that is when your impulses come out. Sometimes, you have been able to spoil things by being taken away at some point but, unlike other signs, you rarely regret what you say and if you do, no one will know. You know.


You are ranked  No. 4  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  Besides being fickle, incorrigible, and unstable, you are also impulsive, of course. All of your actions or a large majority are driven by impulse.  It is very likely that you have done well so far being that way, because also if you have ever screwed up something, you are quick to get that smile out of you that makes anyone forgive you. You are one of those people who spit everything they think out of their mouth without any kind of touch, but your other ME (you already know that your sign is two twins) is the one who saves you from ruining it even more. You know. I know.


You occupy the No. 3 position in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  As a good sign of the fire that you are, impulsiveness is attached to you practically since you were born. Being so nervous or so impetuous with everything has sometimes led you to spoil many things but at the same time, it has made you strong so that they know that they are not playing with you. You don’t stop to think if what you do is right or wrong at a certain moment, you just do it. You are overcome by the idea of stopping to reflect too much, starting because you are frequently distracted by any boring subject so patience or calmness does not go with you. You can correct it a bit but, at the end of the day, you are who you are and, those around you will only have two options, either to be calm in the face of your outbursts or to despair and go crazy with you. You know.


You are ranked  No. 2  in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  If it gets into your head, it is what it is, you have to find any possible way to achieve it. You are taken away. Very much. You know very well that sometimes, and just by not thinking twice about something, you have done quite reckless things from which, in the end, you have been able to save yourself although you should watch your back more. But deep down, you are like that, and it is practically impossible for anyone to calm you down. They can advise you, tell you that you should focus and not be so thoughtless and exalted for all things, but you know that a life without action and without impulses for you, does not make sense.  You know. I know.

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You occupy the No. 1 position in the ranking  OF THE MOST IMPULSIVE SIGNS.  You are an impulsiveness-made person. You don’t think, you don’t calibrate, you don’t compare and you don’t evaluate when it comes to something you want. You need it NOW, HERE, and NOW. And there is no more. You don’t care how you’re going to get it, but for you, having it is a matter of life and death. You are capricious, and if you cannot soon have what you want in your hands you despair and, consequently, you despair of the rest. In more personal matters, you are still just as impulsive, you do not close your mouth to anything or anyone. If you see that something does not seem to you, you will say it without any care and, why? Well, simply because you cannot be otherwise and, you prefer to say what you always feel and regret at some point later, than never having said it, and regret it all your life.

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