Which are the loneliest zodiac signs?


Loneliness is a phase that everyone goes through at some point in their life. It is a feeling that you often feel even when you are surrounded by more people. There are times when it is impossible to fully fit in with another person. There are signs that approach loneliness in a more positive way and others more melancholic or sensitive. Read on to discover how you deal with loneliness according to your zodiac sign:


You can get along with loneliness well, but you will also have your moments of downturn. Aries, you are a very independent person and you are not afraid of loneliness. What’s more, you feel more comfortable when you go to your ball around the world without having to depend on anyone. The problem really comes, Aries, when you feel that you do not fit in at all because of your character, when you believe that your strong character is the culprit of your loneliness. You are a person, Aries, who isolates himself and rejects everything he does not like when you are pissed off. This is when you hate loneliness the most, because you wish you had a person who could understand you.


Your calm character likes to spend a lot of time alone, Taurus. When it comes to sharing your time with another person, you are quite demanding. When it comes to relationships, Taurus, you are not a person who trusts someone at first sight or lets someone into your life quickly. You prefer to be alone. The problem, Taurus, is that you are going to be brave, independent, strong for life, but then you need more love and more affection than you think. And when you don’t have that necessary dose of affection, you feel very lonely. It is not that you are dependent, but that you also like to be taken care of.


Gemini, you don’t have any kind of problem coping with loneliness, in fact, you need your alone time. There are times when being so social and being so surrounded by people exhausts your mental patience and you need to disappear. You are a free and independent sign that knows how to enjoy your own company like no one else. But also, Gemini, you are very social and that constantly leads you to seek company. There may be many people around you, Gemini, but many times you feel lonely because those people do not make you feel understood or heard. And in the end, you end up isolating yourself.


To be honest, Cancer, there is nothing you enjoy the world more than being surrounded, than feeling accompanied. You may need your moments alone from time to time, like everyone else, but you are happy when your heart feels loved. Many of your relationships end and new ones begin soon. And it is that you came into the world to love and to be loved, not to be alone. This is so, Cancer, whether you like to accept it or not. When you lack love, you lack everything. When you feel lonely, you feel insecure, incomplete, as if what you do makes no sense. You and loneliness get on a little badly.


You are a fire sign and you are quite independent. You don’t need anyone to do what you like, you don’t need anyone to guide you on your way. But that does not mean that you get along with being alone. Leo, you are very strong, but still, you do not like loneliness, accept it. You are not as dependent as Cancer or Pisces, but there is no doubt that it makes you happy to feel loved. You are happy with all kinds of relationships, Leo, both giving love and receiving it. You love to be flattered, but you also like to listen to others, give them affection and lots of pampering. The worst thing is that when you are alone you sink a little. Because you see that others enjoy their relationships and it makes you envious.


You have no problem being alone, Virgo, in fact, you would rather be alone than invest your precious time with the wrong person. You are such a perfectionist that until you find someone who meets your expectations, you prefer to continue alone. But, Virgo, that perfectionism also has its bad part. And it is that, many times you think, to think about it and wake up that feeling of loneliness. Many times you think that you will be alone all your life because you will not find anyone capable of supporting your hobbies, your weak points, that strong character that you have. And it worries you, Virgo, because, even if you like to be alone, you also have your little heart.


You, Libra, don’t mind being alone when you know it’s your turn. You know how to enjoy solitude and your time alone. You are independent yes, but you are also a very social person. You came to the world to relate, Libra, many times loneliness is your worst enemy. The worst thing is that it costs you a thousand to recognize it. In all your dreams, in all your plans for the future, you almost always see yourself with another person. You are in a constant search for relationships that make you feel good, Libra, you are a romantic and in love person who prefers to spend his time with someone other than alone. Libra, you need a person with whom you can share everything that happens in your mind.


You are a water sign, therefore, Scorpio, you are a person who is very nourished by relationships and the feelings of others. Obviously, you enjoy the lonely moments when you can explore your inner world. But there are times when you have a hard time, Scorpio. You need relationships to live, it is part of your essence. The problem is that you are a super intense person and you look for that in relationships. Not all of them give it to you, not all of them know how to value that intensity and that is when you feel alone. When you discover that there are few people in the world capable of valuing everything you have in that special little head.


Without a doubt, you are one of the signs that best bears being alone. You have always been a person who has gone to his ball, who has not depended on anyone. Thanks to your optimism you are able to overcome everything, Sagittarius. But without a doubt, you are a very social person, who loves to socialize, meet people, share your adventures with others. Still, loneliness does not bring you any problem. What’s more, there are times that you even look for it, that you disappear without showing signs of life, that you end relationships because they are not all to your liking. And nothing happens, Sagittarius, because you know that you will not be alone all your life and if you are it is because you want it.


If you are alone, Capricorn, you know that it is because you have decided and because you prefer it. You know that, for you, it’s better to be alone, because that way you don’t have to put up with being criticized by anyone, by anyone telling you what to do. You are not a dependent person at all, you know better than anyone how to get chestnuts out of the fire. The problem, Capricorn, comes when you isolate yourself so much from the world that you don’t know how to reconnect with others. There are times when you think that you like solitude because you have not found anyone who will make you enjoy the company to the fullest. Every time you meet someone, things don’t go the way you thought and you feel sorry that it always ends like this ...


Since you were born, Aquarius, you have been alone in the world, you have been swimming against the current in every moment of your life. Being alone is something that is already customary for you and something you don’t like. You know that it is difficult for you to fit in and that to be with people who do not understand you, you prefer to be alone. But, Aquarius, deep down you are a very social person and even if you say that you are comfortable being alone, you also long for a little love and companionship. There are times when you get tired of being the weirdo and wish you were born another type of person. There are times when you struggle to be closer to others and so that it does not cost you so much to open up.


Pisces, you are a person who yearns for company. You can be alone, you no longer die, but you prefer to surround yourself with people. You are a very emotional person, who is very moved by relationships, by the love you receive, by the affection you give to other people. The company brings you what you like most about this world: love and affection. The only thing that solitude achieves, Pisces, is that you give more thought to everything, that you think that nobody understands you, that you hate that duality that characterizes you so much. Many times, you move heaven and earth to fight that feeling of loneliness, to try to be a much more independent person.

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