When the signs are single?


People, as a general rule, behave very differently when they are single than when they are in a relationship. Some signs often prefer to have that feeling of “loneliness” while others, the truth, do not feel completely complete until they find their better half. We are going to show you how each sign acts when single.


You are wild Aries, you are free. You do and undo as you please, you leave more than one hurt heart along the way, but you don’t do it on purpose. You know what you want and what you don’t, but it is true that they can get to “catch” you too quickly. That is why, sometimes, you prefer to escape before anyone conquers you. Deep down you are in love so either you run away or you end up falling.


When you are single you are a bit corny Taurus, and you remember a lot about the past, what you have already lived with some people, how you lived it and what happened so that now you are not together. And if that person does not exist, you imagine your crush and you go up to the clouds. If Taurus, you are a person who when in love does it with such passion that when he happens to be single, you miss that feeling ...


If you are single, it is clear to you, you are a super independent person. You are going to do whatever you want, traveling, going out, meeting friends ... You are not one of those who stays at home too long. You want to spend most of the day outside doing things, looking for moments, meeting different people who contribute to you. Of course, as soon as the good news arrives, you will fall madly in love. And you know.


When you do not have a partner, you have a tendency to grow Cancer in some way. It is as if suddenly, you feel strong, without having emotional dependence on anyone. It’s hard to say but things turn out much better for you, you have more confidence in yourself and it seems that somehow you give yourself more value. When you start dating someone you really like, their energies become yours ... And your mood depends too much on that person ...


Even if you are “single” you need to have illusions Leo. So, surely there is someone around you who makes your days happy. You are like this Leo, it is not that you do not know how to live alone / or if not that somehow you need to feel loved by someone, even if you do not want to in the same way. Come on, you have to pay attention. So, when you are single you purr a little more and let yourself be loved by whoever you want. No strings attached.


Because of the way you are, you like to be in a relationship, but it is true that you also have seasons in which you are not with anyone. And what you usually do here is take good care of yourself. You start to pamper yourself more, to give yourself the importance you really deserve and to put yourself first. The truth is that focusing on you is also necessary Virgo. And it is when you do not have a partner when you do it best.


You may be single Libra, but like Leo, you are a very infatuated person who needs to have that feeling of butterflies in your stomach all the time. Love is super important in your life but the couple is not, so being single is not a problem. You will continue to distribute and receive love, but in a more “free” way. You will fall in love with a book, a flower, a look ... And sometimes, just with that, you know that your life has meaning.


When you are single, you unleash Scorpio, you empower yourself, and sometimes you even free yourself. You want to show, show what they lost, show what they let slip. And you want to show it to all those people who have treated you badly in life. Especially some of your exs. Therefore, when you are single, you try three times as much to achieve your goals. For you, it is an honor to show others your worth, and above all, to prove it to yourself.


When you’re single you get a little suspicious Sagi. You don’t want to get carried away when someone tries to get to know you in some way because you feel like everything could go wrong. For everything you are very positive but for relationships you are a bit reluctant. If you are single, you want to meet people but you will do it very slowly Sagi, slowly ... Without rushing.


If you are single you are powerful Capri. You cook it, you eat it, and you usually have little margin for error in your decisions. You focus a lot on your work, your goals and your future. And although you may come to miss things from the past and from other relationships, you want to show yourself that you can only be okay. And you do it by materializing your ideas. Now that it is you who exclusively decides the steps to take, it seems that everything works out much better.


When you’re single you get a little insecure. You know what you are worth Aquarius but you start to think if one day you will be able to find someone who suits you. Yes Aquarius, although it sounds a bit arrogant, you feel that you are on a very different level from others, especially intellectual. And finding someone who knows how to understand your world is complicated, and not because they don’t want to do it but because they don’t get there. You are good at being single but you worry that no one will understand you one day.


Things like Pisces, as infatuated as you are, when you’re single you feel a bit relieved. And above all, when you are not focused on anyone. You rediscover yourself, you start dedicating the time you know you deserve and somehow, everything starts to change. For good. It is not that falling in love is wrong, but maybe it does not do you good to give everything. In addition, the time in which you are alone is the time in which you deepen yourself and understand what it is that you should never miss again, and what it is that you really need.

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