When does a date turn into disaster according to your sign?


Okay, it is clear that not all dates are the same, there are some that are bad but there are others that are a real disaster ... Everything can end in drama or in a lot of desire to run away from there. Read on and find out what makes dating a terrible thing based on your zodiac sign:


You are a super spontaneous Aries person, you need things to flow and that nothing is studied so, any type of date that is boring or does not have an iota of adventure will end up being a complete disaster. You are passionate about curious people who want to know a little more about you, not just someone who does not speak at all or worse, who only talks about himself. You will find a way to escape from there anyway.


If you have a dominant and overly exaggerated person in front of you on a date, you can stress yourself too much. There is nothing you hate more than someone who attracts exaggerated attention and who also does not do it for his charms but forces absolutely everything. You like things to flow by themselves and you also want to be relaxed so when you come across someone who screams or causes a little scene, all you want is for the earth to swallow you.


You can’t go on a date with someone and that person is constantly on their phone and passing on you. It’s okay for him to do it when he needs it, but putting yourself aside just to see the messages they send him or the likes they give him makes you sick. As a good Gemini that you are, you like to live in the moment and be present with those around you. You have a hard time when they pass on you that way, so sometimes you even get on the same level as them: you start looking at your phone and expect only one thing, that everything happens quickly.


You want to have a deep Cancer connection, something special. It does not mean that you are going to marry the first one that crosses your life but a little chemistry you do need. If that person is unable to show their feelings for you (no matter how small), there is nothing to do. You turn off completely if you can’t find that Crab chemistry. And in fact, you know that it will be impossible to find it later. Or if it has or not, but from minute one.


You love to impress other Leos, to put some sauce in their life. You want to feel appreciated and respected by that person but above all, what you like the most is to feel that he is on the same frequency in everything: that he knows how to laugh at himself, that he is not ashamed of anything or anyone and that he is not afraid of anything what will they say. As soon as Leo is with a person who is more aware of the rest of the world than of the relationship, it turns off. He wants spontaneous, happy people by his side who only care about LIVING.


For you, a disastrous date would be one where everything is disorganized and disorganized. Let’s see, it is not that you do not tolerate spontaneous people but you need to organize your life, your whole life and find someone who, for example, does not know what to do or where to go and does not have any initiative, it kills you. If that person does not know what direction to take in life, what to do and does not even have any kind of motivation, it is clear that it is not for you. And you will have a hard time on the date. Of course, it will be the last one for sure.


You are a super sociable and charming Libra person. You need others, that is clear but you also need to have your own space many times and that sometimes it seems that they do not understand it. If on the date, that person begins to be too possessive or jealous and restrictive, you will know that it is not for you. What’s more, you will be looking forward to the end of the date, and as much as you like that person and your head tries to dissuade you from the idea that it is not for you (just because you love it), deep down in your heart you will be clear not. And the sooner everything is over, the better.


You experience strong emotions all the time Scorpio and are quite skeptical of everything. Like you don’t trust first impressions. On a date, you are obviously no different, in fact, you even protect yourself much more and distrust twice. If that date is with someone who wants to get too much attention or knows everything, you will get very stressed and want to get out of there quickly. What’s more, maybe you can’t even hold out that long and leave earlier.


A disaster of a date for you would be with a person who does not understand your humor Sagi, a person who does not know how to laugh at himself, who is serious, who does not understand that in life you do not have to be so much aware of others ... Life is like that Sagi, you like to have fun, have fun and live life so, getting stuck with someone tense and boring for you is to die. You will be wishing that torture is over.


If you have a date disaster, it may be because that person thinks they are completely superior to your Capri. And the truth is that that is something that you cannot bear. Okay, deep down you can feel that way a bit with others too but you don’t go around proclaiming your superiority or your ego. Come on, you know how to control yourself. That of someone arriving and believing more than you bursts you, and your patience is over with a stroke of the pen. Possibly you release comments that reach the soul of the other like knives. And it will be fun to rile him up even though it will be the first and the last time.


If the person you are dating is ignorant and knows nothing about life, you will be fading all the time Aquarius. You cannot stay with fools that the most interesting thing they have done in their lives has been to eat at a different restaurant once a year. You cannot bear conversations that do not have any kind of substance so, as soon as you see that that person has a neuron and a half, you try to find a way to escape from there.


A date disaster for you would be with someone who does not understand or care about the problems of the world, about what happens to people, about injustices ... You have a deep connection with the Universe and you really appreciate everything related to it. art, with the expression of people, with life ... If that person with whom you have the date does not have any sensitivity, there is nothing to do Pisces. You leave immediately and disappear from your life completely.

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