When do the zodiac signs take a break in their relationship?


Giving your relationship a break isn’t always bad. Sometimes that’s what it takes to re-create that glue that makes relationships stronger than ever. If you feel the need to have the opportunity to get a clearer idea of your relationship or simply see what your life is like without that person being by your side, a break is the best option.


Aries, you are constantly in search of change, you need rhythm and excitement in your life. This is the reason why it can be very easy for you to get tired quite quickly of the routine that can be created in your relationship. There may come a time when you see that your relationship is falling into a hole full of shit and you want to pause. Damn, Aries, you can’t be in a relationship that doesn’t make you totally happy. Taking a break may be the best option, it can help you open your eyes and see if it is worth continuing with that special person or not. You deserve to be happy, so, do what you have to do, but do it, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.


Taurus, you are a person who can be trusted a lot so if you decide to take a break in your relationship it is because something serious has happened. You are not to throw in the towel at the first change, but when they hurt you, you have no choice but to make decisions and remedy. You are not stupid and you know that you deserve all the best in this world, so, put your batteries and analyze well what makes you happy and what does not.  Taurus, you have a lot of patience, but everything has a limit. When someone manages to end that infinite patience it is because they have touched your nose well. A pause in your relationship would be the best way to take a breath and think about yourself, only about you.


Gemini, everyone knows you for being a person who does not have too much trouble communicating. That is why, if there is a lack of communication in your relationship, there will surely be the occasional pause. For you it is super important to have a healthy communication because you know that, if there is not, everything you have created will go to shit. You don’t feel bad if you make the decision to give yourself some time, if you think about it, it’s because you need it. Damn, Gemini, there is no one in the world who can take better care of you than yourself. You are strong and you will be able to handle all that, you know perfectly well that if you are made for each other, time will bring you back together.


Cancer, you are a very intuitive person. When your relationship starts to falter, you notice it first. You notice it far in advance and sometimes that is not so good for you, because you see that your relationship is going to shit and you do not want that. You are very afraid to share with your partner all those things that were bothering you because you are afraid of losing her, but sometimes there is no other choice. You don’t want to lose that person, but you need something to change, so the best option for you Cancer is to give yourself some time. A break can be the perfect opportunity to heal the relationship.


Leo, you have a lot of confidence in yourself when making decisions, you know perfectly what you need in your life and that is why you know perfectly well why you are taking the steps.  You do not usually make decisions without any objective, you are an impulsive person, but you have very clear ideas. If you feel the need to give your relationship time, it may be for two reasons, someone entered your life and made you realize that there was something in your current relationship that was not working properly or that you just needed some time for yourself . Whatever the case, you know that it is the best decision, at least for now.


Virgo, you are a very perfectionist person, not a detail escapes you. That’s why you tend to notice any sign (no matter how early it may be) that your relationship is not on the right track. When something doesn’t work out the way you want it to, you feel like your peace of mind is getting out of balance, that’s why you always take action. If you feel the need to take a break from your relationship, you may have reached a point where you have felt your relationship as if it were a job. Fuck Virgo, you deserve everything in this world, so don’t feel bad about making that decision. Your mind needs a break and now is the time to do it.


Libra, when you make the decision to give your relationship time it is because you were up to your nose. It is more than likely that more than once you have bit your tongue to avoid causing a fight, but over time, you have accumulated a lot of shit and you feel broken inside. Fuck Libra, take all the time you need to feel whole again, don’t be in a rush. This time will help you understand what you want and what you need in your life. Time is very wise Libra, so listen to it and don’t feel bad about thinking a little more about yourself.


Scorpio, when you fall in love, you really do. So when you feel that the relationship is not on the right track, you really feel bad. You feel like shit to see that all that you have managed to build can go away from one day to the next. It will be very difficult for you to take the step of giving your relationship time, but deep down you will know that it is the right thing to do. Scorpio, jealousy is what usually kills your relationship and you know you have to remedy it. Fuck you, realize once and for all how much you are worth, you don’t have to be so jealous. Once you realize that, your relationship will return to its being if it ever has to.


Sagittarius, you are a very curious person and it is likely that more than once you will get bored in your relationship, especially, if not that special person does nothing to keep the flame alive. If you feel that you have to take the step of putting your relationship on hold, it is probably because a person has appeared in your life that has made you wonder if what you were experiencing is what you deserve or not. Sagi, you are an intelligent person and you know perfectly well that your relationship cannot continue like this for long. It needs a renewal and if for this you have to give the pause you will do it. Damn, life has to be lived Sagi and you know it very well.


Capricorn, you are a very familiar person and you are looking for someone to settle with in that special person. Fuck, it’s not that difficult to understand either, is it? What happens is that today’s society is not very prepared for it. If you see that that person with whom you have fallen madly in love does not have the same goals as you, you will fight to solve it. Capri, you will feel the need to give the relationship a break to evaluate if you are willing to give up some goals for that special person, see if that person is worth it enough to put your things aside. Capri, you are smart and you know exactly where this will end, but you need to give it a try.


Aquarius, you are the perfect person to resolve conflicts. You don’t give up and you will always fight for what you want. You are a very independent person, but that does not mean that you love like nobody else. You are a person who loves with all your heart, that’s why when you see that your relationship is going awry, you suffer a lot. Aquarius, you are an example to follow, you do everything on your part so that all those shitty differences are solved. Of course, if you see that it is not helping at all and that your relationship is stagnating in a routine, you can remedy it. You will feel the need to give your relationship a break so you can see what is best for both of you. Damn, Aquarius, don’t beat yourself up so much because not everything in life has a solution ...


Pisces, you are quite a selfless person, you give everything you have without expecting anything in return. This is precisely why your relationship can falter. Surely on more than one occasion you feel that you are the one who gives the most in the relationship and you are not wrong. The problem is that that person so special to you accommodates himself because he knows that sooner or later he will get everything he wants from you.  Pisces, you are fed up with being taken advantage of and being treated as if you were a fool. If you make the decision to give the relationship a break, it is so that the other person values you and misses you. If he does not, it is because he is not the person you deserve by your side. Pisces, think a little more about yourself and fuck others. The most important thing in your life is you.

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