When do the signs begin to doubt their relationship?


All couples go through moments of crisis in their relationship, sometimes we even wonder if we should move forward, or if on the contrary it is better to take different paths. Let’s see what each sign does when it doubts its relationship, because in the end we all react to certain situations differently ...


When Aries doubts their relationship, it shows, they move away, creating a distance that is palpable in front of the other person. When the ram is comfortable with his partner, he involves her in all his plans, but when he feels that the connection that originally united them has been broken, he becomes totally individualistic. Sometimes he lengthens his relationship because, even if he realizes that love has already died, it costs him a lot to make a decision in this area.


Taurus does not go around with little girls, the moment he becomes aware that his relationship or his feelings have changed, he will sit in front of his partner to communicate everything he feels. The bull of the zodiac likes precisely to take matters by the horns and, although he will try to save his courtship or marriage, he will be sincere at all times.


Oops Gemini, this sign finds it difficult to express its deepest emotions, and if it does so it will not be lightly, it will first slice the coconut until it is clear what it feels and what it wants. Chances are that when you start to feel uncomfortable with your partner you will become more grumpy than usual, arguing about every little thing that you see wrong, thank goodness that later you reason and are able to calmly express your feelings and your desires.


Cancer will do everything possible to save their relationship, even when they have doubts, they will try to rekindle the spark and remember why they fell in love with their partner. The crab seeks above all stability and the day it perceives that the relationship has become unstable, it will fight with all its might to return to normality. Although not always everything is in their hands, as far as he or she is concerned they will not be able to say that they did not try ...


When he is young, the Lion may, in doubting their relationship, consider other options that will help him plan an exit strategy in the process. Now, in adulthood, if Leo is with someone, it is forever, there are no doubts, in fact, on some occasion he may have to suffer like the one who is abandoned or abandoned by his partner.


When Virgo doubts their relationship, they create a list of all the pros and cons. If the person who is with him or her brings positive things to him, he will not throw in the towel just like that, but if his partner gives him more displeasure than happiness, no matter how much love he feels, he will leave the relationship. For this sign the first thing is its well-being, it is not dependent at all, and if it is with someone it is to live in peace and harmony ...


Libra is by nature an attentive and loving sign, however, when you doubt your relationship, you stop saying the magic words, I love you or I love you, as often and as usual. This sign lowers the intensity in terms of its demonstrations of love, and although it may go back and overcome the crises with its partner, as long as the problems are not solved it will not be the same or the same as always.


Scorpio with doubts closes by band, both emotionally and physically. Although she is very passionate, her levels of sensuality and steamy words drop considerably. That you go through a crisis with your partner does not mean that you are going to leave her at the first change, but it will make the other person have a very bad time in the meantime. Scorpio can be very hard when he is not well, the good thing is that once he leaves the loop he leaves the problems behind and continues to be the same person as his partner fell in love.


If the partner of a Sagittarius knows him or her well, he will know that when he goes into detective mode and assaults her with many questions, it is because he is considering the future of the relationship. Although when this sign loves, it does not easily let go of the other person, if it has doubts it will look for a way to solve it, and will try to see if its partner is also up for work ...


When Capricorn doubts their relationship, he is forceful, so much so that if he must ask his partner for a little space to think things over, he will. This sign does not give up so quickly, and that is why if possible you should find a way to save your relationship. Once you are clear about what both partners need to do to settle any disagreements or discomfort, you will communicate with your partner openly.


Although it is a very assertive sign in certain aspects of life, when you have doubts about your relationship you make a big mistake in the way you act. Instead of talking and trying to fix things that might be affecting him, he opts to spend more time with his friends to isolate himself from problems. Badly done because sooner or later you will find yourself in the position of having to put the cards on the table, and sometimes it may be too late ...


Pisces is very sensitive and that is why in matters of love, sometimes it acts unnecessarily, feels bad, begins to doubt, and far from getting close to the loved one, it distances itself from it in a notorious way. Their messages are no longer so regular, and their romanticism so typical of him or her diminishes to levels that completely demoralize the other person. If the problem or crisis you are going through with your partner is not so bad, you will soon come out of that state and will once again be the best partner or companion that anyone can have.

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