When are the signs about to collapse?


We all collapse at some point, when circumstances and problems can with us, we act depending on our way of being, and of course on our zodiac sign. There are more temperamental people, and others who prefer to be absent, not everyone acts in the same way, let’s see below how the signs react when they are on the verge of collapse:


Although you are a sign of fire and have a character that does not go around with little girls when something feels wrong, if you have a problem you turn off completely, you prefer to keep quiet and turn your head until you find a solution. Those who know you know that your humor shines on its own, but when you are bad there is no joke that makes you laugh or that you are willing or willing to do. In these moments, the best thing is that they let you be and be just as you feel ...


Dear Taurus when you are on the verge of collapse you do not want to know anything about the world, the only thing you want is to sleep, sleep and completely forget about whatever is happening and affecting you. When you are on the verge of collapse, getting out of bed costs you the same life, thank goodness that later you realize that with that attitude all you do is lose opportunities, and you take control of everything until you get out of any mess. You are very strong!


Some Gemini’s find yours to be laughable, and it is that they do not understand that your emotions are not like everyone else’s, nor do they have to be. You even grow up when faced with big problems, but after what may seem like trifles to others, it affects you. It is likely that they will sometimes see you cry for something that others do not understand, however, within you an anguish is born that can be uncontrollable and of course, end in tears. The good thing is that later you can be laughing at what made you collapse ...


When you are ill, Cancer you prefer to retire to your rooms, to your temple, your home. Faced with a problem, you prefer not to talk, and not to be talked to much, hence sometimes they call you a lunatic, what they do not understand is that your way of being is far from that of the rest. Neither better nor worse, just you. You don’t like getting into anyone’s life, and that’s why the least you expect is that they respect your status, since it won’t take long to get out of it ...


When you are on the verge of collapse, Leo rants without giving a second thought to what you are saying. Everything that comes to your head shoots out of your mouth like flames of fire, you wail until you are out of breath. The best of all is that you even look funny doing this, and those who know you know that afterwards you calm down and overcome any situation that could be getting out of hand. You are a professional when it comes to overcoming problems, and you know that you can handle everything that comes your way.


Oops Virgo , if they see you immersed head first in some activity you are probably in a bad situation. Unlike other signs, on the verge of collapse you prefer to evade your mind because you know that you will not achieve anything by turning the coconut, what has a solution will end up solving and what does not, sooner or later too. Being busy when you least realize it, everything bad will have happened ...


When problems arise and you can’t take it anymore, the least you want is to go home only to spiral with your thoughts. You have already experienced this once in a while Libra, and that is why when you are on the verge of collapse you surround yourself with other people as much as possible and necessary. For you, the penalties are always better accompanied, you do not need to have such a bad time if you can minimize the effects of a bad moment. You do well Libra!


Oh Scorpio, when you are on the verge of collapse it is best to move away. Your anger is unstoppable at times and that is why those who know you and love you do not take your words into account, especially knowing that you later regret it. Each one is as it is, and you, being wrong, can curse heaven and earth, the good thing is that it never lasts forever, and sooner or later you come out of your internal discomfort and try to solve everything in your power.


Sagittarius, how many things are you able to stop doing when you are bad? When a situation or a problem has you about to collapse, you abandon everything you have built to regret. Worst of all, you don’t get out of the loop quickly because later you enter the guilt period, which also wastes your time. As you have a special gift, in the end you realize everything and rise from your ashes like the phoenix ...


Capricorn when you are on the verge of collapse you press the Off button and disconnect completely. If you do not know how to handle a situation or moment, which does not happen many times for your good, you prefer not to contact anyone and not answer when they require you. You alone think things much better, and rarely do you find a solution to whatever problem is affecting you.


You must be careful Aquarius when you get pessimistic because not only do you infect your people with that attitude, but if you realize it it is useless. When you are positive there is no one to stop you, and whatever problems come, you try to get out of them. However, when you become negative, it seems that an aura surrounds you that does not allow you to move forward. When you are on the verge of collapse you must control this characteristic that is so yours, you know that it is not good for you, and not for those who love you ...


When you are bad and you cannot see the solution to your problems, you lose control of your Pisces emotions, anything moves you or makes you sad. You are more sensitive than you appear, and when you are on the verge of collapse you block yourself and do not know how to get out of what is affecting you, no matter how easy it is. The good thing about your case is that it will not take long to do it, you are in constant movement and that is why it is most likely that soon your state will change and you breathe calm or calm. You know you can!

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