Tips And Advice For Dating Cancer Man Or A Woman


Is your heart beating faster? What a joy, you’re in love! And how good it is to love, isn’t it? It makes you want to be with the person all day. And it is precisely at that time that the dating request begins to be thought! But, before asking your beloved (or loved one) about dating, how about knowing a little more about his personality? Cancer sign can only perceive certain things over time, it is true, but astrology can help you, advancing some characteristics.

In the case of Cancerians, some things are inevitable, such as affection, lack, and sensitivity. And what else? See below everything you need to know before dating someone with Cancer!


Cancerians are sensitive, or rather, very sensitive. It seems to be an exaggeration, but it is not. They are like that. They cry for just about everything, be it good or bad - it’s the famous people who cry even in butter commercials, you know? So, you have to be patient.

Such passion!

Cancer natives are very passionate. When they love someone, they dedicate themselves totally to that person and the feeling that united them. So, get ready for many demonstrations of love! And if you want to please the Cancerian, choose some traditional (and even mushy, because they like) way of exposing your love!


Cancer is a family sign that gives value to the family and wants to be with its relatives at any time. For this reason, Cancerians usually have this desire to build a family within themselves. They want children, the more, the better! They want to please the husband or wife (in fact, they are already thinking about marriage) right after they are dating. They want to do everything to see the family always together and happy.


Cancerians like to follow traditions. They feel that this brings them even closer to the family and emotional ties with special people. So, do you know that family lunch story every Sunday? This is a serious talk with Cancerians! They do not fail to follow any tradition!


Cancerian sensitivity manages to be even more potentiated because of all the drama established within the natives of this sign. Something that for you is quiet and simple to solve, for the Cancer native, will become a big storm. It’s so much drama!

Friends X You

With that, you don’t have to worry: the Cancerian will never exchange you for friends. He will always prefer a moment for two with his beloved than any other type of social commitment. Of course, he knows how to respect his space and his own. After all, everyone needs some time alone. But whenever he gets the chance, he prefers to stay with you! Delicious!


Betrayal is a word that does not exist in a Cancerian’s vocabulary. No matter what happens, he will never think about the possibility of a betrayal. From big things, like having an extramarital affair, like little things from day to day, like sticking to your diet for Monday lunch, the Cancerian will never break the bond of loyalty he has created with you.

Affection, affection and affection

Cancerians are very affectionate, especially with their partners! Then, he will do anything to please you. He will do absolutely everything to make you happy and satisfied with him: gifts, coffee, demonstrations of love, declarations, midweek surprises and everything you can imagine!

They always speak the truth

As they are exceptionally sentimental, Cancerians like to expose everything that is inside them. So it is practically impossible for them to lie about anything because they cannot hide what they are feeling. So, you can trust them!

They will do anything to make you happy

Cancerian care goes far beyond small demonstrations of affection and love daily: your Cancerian boyfriend will always be by your side, helping you to achieve everything you dream of. For them, there is nothing impossible when it comes to seeing the love of your life happy!

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