What you must do to be able to move on after a breakup?


A breakup can be one of the most painful things in life, but we must remember that no one dies of love. There are people who get stuck and are not able to move forward without that special person, but everyone is capable of moving on with their life, they just need a push. If you want to know what you should do to be able to move on after a breakup, according to your zodiac sign, take note and keep reading ...


Aries, you have been flirting with anyone who catches your eye for a long time, trying to convince yourself that you are still desirable to the rest of the world. What you need to do to move on is to take a break and process your emotions. You must admit that this relationship was very important in your life and that is why it hurts so much that it ended. The more you try to fill that void with other people, the harder it will be to move on.

You need time for yourself, remember that you are still worthy of love, all this suffering will pass in the end, do not obsess so much and think about yourself and what your heart is asking of you and then you will find the key to move forward ...


Taurus, you have tried to eliminate all traces of that relationship so that the memories do not make you fall into sadness. The problem is that, even so, you feel some resentment towards the other person and that all it is doing is that your life is filled with negative thoughts. What you have to do to move on is to put resentment aside, you cannot keep thinking about all the bad things your ex did to you because you will be trapped in the past.

On the other hand, refusing to be sad won’t make the process of coping that much easier. Take some time to deal with sadness and try to find support in a person with whom you can cry or vent.


Gemini’s, you still find reasons to send messages to your ex, to meet him / her, any excuse is good to keep in touch with him / her. You can’t bear the idea of him cutting you out of his life completely, even if that was a good thing for you… What you need to do is take the time to completely sever those ties.

If you keep holding on to the hope that you will be in his arms again, you will never fully advance and it is not fair to you. Gemini, you have many options, but trying to hold on to your ex will not allow you to enjoy the opportunities that life has for you. Focus on your future and everything will be much better, leave the past behind ...


Cancer, you can’t stop reliving every memory in your head, you can’t stop remembering all the love and happiness you shared with that special person and that makes you constantly wonder if you did something wrong ...

What you must do to move forward is to remember everything that has happened in that relationship, not only remember the good things, remember and realize that things have also happened that have made you suffer. All that will make you see that it is not worth continuing in that loop, you deserve something better. Of course, do not forget the good things, just put them aside, now you need to charge yourself a little anger to be able to turn the page ...


Leo, you do not stop diving headfirst into any adventure or experience that makes you disconnect. You think that if you can get distracted by all these things, you can more easily forget that person who was so special in your life, but you are wrong, you are actually doing all this so that your ex believes that you have turned the page.

Leo, stop experiences and give yourself a couple of days to process all your emotions, you have a very big heart so trying to pretend that you are not suffering can do you a lot of damage in the long run. When you are aware that you have overcome all that pain, gather all your friends and do something that unites you much more to them, it is the best way to continue moving forward ...


Virgo, since that special relationship came to an end, you have done nothing but focus on your work and your new projects. You have preferred to focus on anything that allows you to have some kind of control and stability in your life, you needed to fill that void that the person left inside you and this was the only way you found to do it. Virgo, you need to listen to your heart, do not deny what you are feeling, you need to feel that pain in order to overcome it.

Accept the fact that some things are out of control and once you have worked on all this you will find that feeling of peace that you have been looking for so long, you will realize that listening to your heart is always the best for you.


Libra, you cannot continue on this path, you try to avoid everyone because you refuse to let your loved ones see you badly for that person who did so much harm to you. You’re always smiling, acting like nothing is wrong, but you can’t go on like this. What you should do is make time for yourself, but without excluding all those people who have always cared about you. What you feel in your heart can make you connect in a very special way with your friends. Libra, be sincere with everything you feel and it will help you see everything from another perspective, it will help you a lot to overcome all the pain ...


Scorpio, you have been trying to overcome that pain for a long time, you do anything to stop feeling it. Your emotions are intense and you have come to the conclusion that the only way to overcome them is to get into bed and have your whole world disappear. You are very wrong, to keep moving forward and not stay stagnant you have to try to drown all that pain, you need to turn the page, no matter how hard it may be.

Get together with your closest friends and talk to them about everything you feel, even if it means having to open your heart completely, do not be afraid, you need to do it in order to heal your heart completely. If you don’t, you won’t be able to move forward and be happy.


Sagittarius, you are an adventurous person by nature and you do your best to be busy when you have suffered a breakup. You are doing everything that you felt you could not do with that person, you are traveling more than ever and the truth is that you are being happy, but your heart is not completely healed. In order to move forward and be as happy as possible you must slow down a bit, as strange as it may seem, you need to take some time and think a bit about your feelings, you need to see what you want right now in order to keep moving forward. , do not ignore what your heart has to tell you ...


Capricorn, you have chosen to bury yourself in work, you feel that it is a way of reminding yourself that this break was not a failure and that you still have a lot to give in this life. You feel that you can show that you are worth a lot and it is like that, but to do it you first have to endure that pain, you need to turn the page to truly succeed.

Surround yourself with your loved ones, discuss topics that make you see things from another perspective and allow yourself to feel all your emotions. Remember that focusing on your work is fine, but you should also pay a little attention to your emotional stability because, after all, even if you don’t believe it, it is the engine of your life ...


Aquarius, you have completely disconnected from all your emotions, you have tried to deny that you are affected by the end of that special relationship. You give the impression that you are happy with what is happening, you take refuge in a cold and calculating facade and that makes people wonder if you have a heart or not. Aquarius, show everyone what you are.

You are worth a lot and to be able to move forward you need to release all your emotions. Write in a notebook everything you feel and create from all those ideas that come to light, you have a brilliant mind. All you need is to admit what you feel and move forward with it, do not hold back.


Pisces, you can’t feel all possible emotions and try to handle them perfectly, you refuse to ask for help because you don’t want to upset the people you care about. You need to open your eyes and realize that asking for help is not as bad as it sounds. Pisces, in order to move forward and not get stuck you need to find someone to talk to, this will help you process everything you feel inside.

It’s not at all embarrassing to have a hard time after a breakup, so raise your head. You will be surprised how easy everything is with the help of all those people you love, they have always been by your side and always will be, open your heart and let them do everything possible so that you can lift your head ...

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