What you like most about flirting according to your sign?


In the courtship stage when we like someone we all have our way of flirting, some are more subtle and others go headlong on the hunt. Next, let’s see what you like the most about flirting according to your sign ...


Aries flirting is an art that you master very well, your looks say it all and even if you must be more explicit so that they realize you do it without cutting a hair. You love the feeling that knowing that you have turned someone on, that they find you attractive or attractive, in fact, the brightness of your eyes quickly gives you away. When you like someone you show it and if they answer you, you go for it all ...


What you like most about flirting is thinking that you may have found the love of your life. You do not go down the street throwing things at any Taurus, but if after analyzing that person you like you see that he is suitable for you, you start your strategy. You don’t give everything the first time either, but if you will let that person know that you are interested with small details and attentions that you would not normally have with anyone for the love of art.


You love the excitement that the Gemini chase produces in you, you have never liked easy things, indeed, they bore you. If you like someone and they give you everything at the first exchange, you will probably lose interest, however, if they do a little begging you will put all the meat on the grill and you will even do what is not written to win them over. The game of flirting is one of the things you like the most in life ...


Oh Cancer, in matters of love affairs, not just anyone touches your little heart, but when someone succeeds, you show your intentions little by little. You love creating the feeling of possibility, so much so that if the other person is not endowed with great patience they may get tired of waiting for you to give yourself completely. Even if you know that this person could be your happiness, you enter into a game of yes but not that at first you like it and later it makes you take the final step.


I read how you like a flirt! You love the initial stage before starting a serious relationship, in fact, the longer it lasts, the better. Your ego is full when at that stage you are wooed and complimented, although it must be said, you do not stay short or short and compliment whoever you like until you get the colors out. When things settle down and you already have a partner, you even miss those beautiful moments at the beginning, and you want it to always be the same ...


Virgo you love the challenge of trying to make the other person literally melt for you. At first you are somewhat subtle in your ways, but once you are sure of being reciprocated, you make your feelings known. Not everyone enters your eye, and even so, not everyone can be your partner, but if someone touches your little heart, you don’t let it escape either and little by little you show yourself as you are.


When someone catches your attention, it is not that you go screaming from the rooftops that you like it, but that it shows you is a fact. You master the art of conquest like no other sign, you always have the words and the appropriate detail for each moment, and although it is clear that you will only do it if you see signs on the other side, it is most likely that they will fall exhausted or surrendered. at your feet. Your sign makes you be the most detailed and attentive person in the zodiac ...


What you like most about flirting is the simple fact of meeting someone new, because you Scorpio take your time to discover in depth that person who has caught your attention. Of course, talking about commitment are big words and that is why you need to test who you like, to see if they are a trustworthy person and if you can get along in the long term with him or her. You are not a specialist in courtship, but you do not miss opportunities either ...


If there is something that you like a lot Sagittarius it is the flirting moment, first because you enjoy it like nobody else, and secondly because later you have a new story to tell your closest friends. You live these moments with great intensity, so much so that many times it seems like a movie, but not Sagi, you just like to add sparkle and magic to things when it comes to love. You are romantic and passionate, and this will be noticed by the lucky person on whom you have put your cute little eyes ... You really know!


Capri, what you like most about flirting with someone is the fun that those moments provide you. You know that to conquer someone, just as to conquer you, laughter is very important, in addition to complicity, and that is why when you like someone you joke and wait for them to give it back to you so that you can continue with that little game that is so exciting. Although you are very serious about everything that has to do with your responsibilities, in matters of love without laughter you do nothing ...


Although you do not commit yourself lightly Aquarius, when it comes to flirting with someone what you like the most is the sensation of butterflies that form in your stomach. The feeling of love is something that you love, it does not happen every day, it is more, it costs you a lot to fall in love, and that is why when someone catches your attention and produces those effects you enjoy as a boy or a girl from the early stages. Flirting makes you nervous at the same time that it excites you, and that is why you live and enjoy it intensely.


Face it Pisces, you get really silly when someone knocks on the door of your sweet and tender heart. No matter how old you are, suddenly it seems that you return to adolescence and with all your innocence you surrender to love. If the person you like makes you see how special and beautiful you are, you will love the burst of confidence that that gives you, and you will give it your all as if it were the first time. Always.

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