What your kisses say about you according to your sign?


The way we kiss also indicates part of our personality and sometimes even much more than what we show verbally. Just as there are effusive people, there are calmer people in this and other aspects of life, next, let’s see what your kisses say about you according to your sign ... are you cautious when kissing or do you prefer to let yourself be carried away by your instincts? ? Let’s see!


Aries your kisses are like your own personality, passionate and intense. When you give or receive a kiss for you there is no intermediate point, there is not even any point, you go directly to the extreme. Your kisses are like a roller coaster, it seems that they will never end and this even fiery people like you are hooked. Maybe you are not very expressive verbally, but it is clear that not everyone awakens your five senses and when you kiss in that way it is because you feel something more than attraction… There we leave it!


Taurus your kisses are as kind as you because you think that in relationships everything has to be reciprocal and in this sense too. You would never kiss anyone as if you were going to eat him / her without knowing if the other person wants it that way. Your kisses may be subtle initially, but once you gain confidence and meet the person in front of you, you release strings and become more passionate. You are a strong sign and this will also be noticed when kissing ...


Gemini your kisses will never be typical, mainly because you are a spontaneous person who does what he wants when he feels like it. No kiss will be the same as the previous one and that can be fun for the person who enjoys them. You like all kinds of kisses, the routine bores you and also in that of physical contact you notice a lot. You have never liked linear things, you are an adventurer and you will show it in every show of love and affection that you give to the person you are attracted to.


Cancer, your kisses like you are quite tender, no matter how much the intensity increases, you will control your impulses to enjoy this contact as you like. It is curious, but this part of your personality is not known by everyone, your family knows that you are sensitive, but they would never think that you were so romantic. The person next to you will enjoy this facet of you because it will be something very personal that you will only show in privacy ...


I read when you like someone you can be a little shy or shy, but the moment they put a hand on you, the little animal in you comes out. When it comes to kissing, you may or may not take the first step depending on what the other person transmits to you, but once you put your lips together with her, the passion in you will explode. Your kisses, like you, are direct, perhaps it is because you have never liked detours, but without having to speak they say everything ...


Virgo you are not at all fickle with your things and not a fickle person, however, when it comes to kissing you are very versatile. You give the impression of being so stable that no one would imagine that you have a thousand ways to kiss. The person next to you will have one of the best couples in the zodiac, you bring stability and commitment and you are also very sensual in your intimate encounters. You like to innovate and feel triumphant in all aspects of your Virgo life and in this it was not going to be less ...


Libra your kisses tell of you that you are a subtle and elegant person who knows how to adapt perfectly to each situation and moment. You are quite romantic too and when you kiss your body expression will let you know. You like long kisses that go from less to more in intensity, you have an exquisite palate and you will want to enjoy these moments as God intended. As you are very attentive, you will know perfectly what the person who receives them expects of you ... You are very smart / a Libra!


Intensity and eroticism emanate from your Scorpio lips, we can say without a doubt that you are one of the best kissers in the zodiac. Your presence imposes where you go and that is because you have a strength and magnetism that attracts almost any mortal. When you kiss, you do it not only with passion and dedication, but also letting yourself be carried away without reservation by what the person you want transmits to you. Your kisses are addictive Scorpios and once they try them they will not want to stop doing it ...


Although you are very impulsive / a Sagittarius, you are also very cautious and patient and this shows in the way you kiss. You are a passionate person, but you do not show the best of yourself until you are sure or safe and in absolute confidence. Once you connect with the person you like and feel a certain complicity, your intensity rises like foam, without brake. Only the people you really fall in love with will enjoy the best of your kisses ...


Capri you are a person who is continually learning and evolving, the same thing happens to you also with your kisses. You know that each person is different and that knowing someone well is not a matter of three days, perhaps this is why you are a little cautious when kissing. To give yourself completely you need confidence and security and that is why not just anyone is good for you. When you have a partner you will go from less to more in every way as the relationship progresses, the person who is with you will be surprised over time.


Aquarius just as you like to contribute positive things to your environment, you try to do the same through your kisses. Some people have the ugly habit of turning a wonderful moment into an unpleasant moment by wanting to do things forcibly. This does not go with you, kisses are a matter of two and that chemistry has to emerge naturally that makes you go further. The attraction is not enough for you, not if once you put the task into practice you neither feel nor suffer ...


That you are the most dreamer of the zodiac is nothing new Pisces and that is why your kisses are the most imaginative. You have many ideas and dreams that you want to carry out and in the sentimental field as well, that is why you will try to put into practice everything that passes through that little head. You are quite tender or tender and sentimental, but also quite passionate if they awaken your most sensual side. Your kisses tell of you that you are a magnificent companion ...

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