What you confuse with love according to your sign?


Sometimes we confuse love with other types of emotions transmitted to us by the person with whom we believe we are in love. As time passes we see that that feeling is not enough to be with someone, let’s see what you usually confuse with love according to your sign ... Attentive ...


That a person raises your passions does not mean that he will be the love of your life, much less Aries. Sometimes you confuse that exacerbated passion that someone can make you feel with a feeling of love, and once in a while you may even get involved in a relationship without much meaning just for this. The good thing is that at the time you realize it and you try to maintain a friendship relationship with or without the right to touch, or if not at least a cordiality is possible.


Taurus platonic friendships are just that, friendships and you may ever find yourself wondering how you feel about that friend who is so special to you. On some occasion you may run the risk of taking a step further, but it will be at that precise moment when you realize that it does not make sense, that it is not love as a couple. You have to be careful if the other person gets excited about whatever, and even have a conversation to clarify things ...


Gemini’s beware of possessive relationships, and we do not say it for you precisely. From time to time you may find yourself involved or involved in a toxic relationship in which the other person wants to possess you and, although you are a free bird that does not work under this mechanism, you think that that is love and it is not like that at all. . Over time you suffocate and end up taking the road and blanket, but in the meantime you have a really bad time.


Cancer jealousy is not synonymous with love, but rather with insecurity and low self-esteem. Check this out if you are in a toxic relationship, or in a relationship in which for whatever reasons you don’t feel safe or secure. You are a person who despite the downturns of life overcomes himself and knows how to give his value, be careful with confusing that bitter emotion with a feeling as sweet as love, and even if it costs you the same life, run away ...


Leo lust can make you fall into unsatisfactory relationships on a personal level, you are a person who knows better than anyone what it is to truly love and surrender, that is why it is so rare to see yourself lose your head in this regard. We know that you are one of the most passionate signs as well and, although you may be confused by that of understanding so well in intimacy with someone, you need much more than that to feel happy next to another person.


That a person makes you feel good with thousands of attentions and details does not mean that you feel love, yes Virgo, that love that you know you are capable of feeling when you are in front of the person who makes your heart beat. Even if you want to be with someone who contributes to you in every way, you must be careful to get into a relationship that does not make you vibrate, because otherwise you will feel very unhappy at the same time that you will make the other person unhappy.


When a person does not leave your head day and night, you think that the love of your life has arrived, but not Libra, it is that sometimes you get confused and obsessed. This can happen to you especially if you like someone who does not reciprocate with you as you would like, then you blame yourself for a feeling that most likely does not exist. Deep down you know that love is something else Libra, and that’s why you try not to fall for these things ...


Scorpio to be with someone you need security in every way, and that is why on some occasion you can confuse love with this, if a person appears who contributes it to you, you do not stop to think well about what you feel. However, these things never usually work out for you and as time goes by you realize that you really feel love when in addition to this that person makes you feel empathy, desire, affection, etc. At the end of the day, you are all or nothing ...


Having good sex makes you feel full and hooked or hooked to the other person to the fullest, but inside of you you know that if you don’t bring yourself other things this is not love, and if it were, it is not the love of the good Sagittarius. What happens is that for a long time you may be justifying that relationship in front of everyone, even if you are completely or completely unhappy. Over the years things keep changing, you value other things much more and if you have that kind of relationship, you don’t commit yourself.


Having someone approve and validate you can make you mistake love for other things like Capricorn appreciation. It’s okay to have a partner who values you, but you can’t be with someone who doesn’t awaken your five senses. You can’t stand instability, but when you get into a relationship where you don’t feel as much as you might feel for someone else, you eventually feel bad and give up trying. You have a lot to give Capri, and whoever is with you deserves the best ...


Beware of Aquarius boredom, because it is in these stages when someone may cross your path and hunt you down without you even noticing. This is not love, much less as you already know, and that is why on some occasion you may break the odd little heart. You do not fall in love easily, but when you do you are for and for that person, the rest is another story in which you should not get involved.


You are in love with Pisces, and when the butterflies get in your stomach you think you have found the love of your life. You should be careful with this because sometimes you rush and start relationships without being very clear if he is the right person and if that initial feeling that he has caused in you is really love. You are not a false person at all, and if you realize the mistake, you generously release the other person to seek happiness elsewhere like you ...

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