What Does the Sagittarius Sign Says About Your Future?


Sagittarius decides quickly, but always using your head. Following the heart is fine, but please, it is important that you also use what your instinct tells you. If your future self came to tell you something, I would tell you not to be so overwhelmed, not to think too much about work or studies, not to hold on and that if something goes wrong, it is best to cut it off when before. Sagi, life is short and that deep down is something that overwhelms you too much but on the other hand, not doing much to change it either.

Sometimes you get stuck in situations that don’t make sense just because your heart tells you to stay. But deep down, you know more than good that there is no reason to stay.

Sometimes your stubbornness is much stronger than the damage you can take for doing something that you know doesn’t work. Sometimes, instead of moving, you stay paralyzed, not knowing what to do, and that’s when time passes quickly and you see yourself in the same place. Sagittarius, fly high. You have always done it, you have always done what you wanted, you have always given a lot, everything, and you have always been independent and free.

He will also tell you to cut yourself when expressing yourself, not to always say everything that comes to mind, that sometimes, we hurt others for free for no reason. You know that you are not doing it to hurt, but sometimes you also miss things or say some strong words that you can later regret. Sagi, enjoy life, give a lot of love to others and focus on the present because the future is uncertain. And remain independent, not even the most bastard person on earth should tie you to anything. You are free Sagi so, manage your life “

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