What would each zodiac sign change in their heart?


Sometimes we’d all like to toughen up a bit when we’re hurt, but unfortunately, every heart works in its own way. You can find extremely sensitive zodiac signs that walk away from any kind of pain the slightest they see it coming. But you can also find others who what they do is keep the rest out of their lives because of the “coldness” of their hearts. Here we show you what each sign would change in their heart:

ARIES: Often times, Aries is impulsive, and can give an image that is not really the one that corresponds to him. If I could, in love I would put many more barriers, I would put high walls that not everyone could cross. Because yes, deep down, when he falls in love, he lets everything or almost everything go by. And he does not realize that there are things that he does not deserve, he does not realize that it is better to cut his losses once than to suffer and endure. Because no matter how much endurance you have, there are unnecessary details, moments that you do not deserve, toxic people that should not enter your life. When you fall in love, your heart becomes flexible. Sometimes too much.

TAURUS: Taurus would love to have a harder heart. You feel too much, you worry too much, and everything hurts too much. Despite having a different appearance, Taurus cares a lot about the people he loves. And if they have a problem, he makes it his own and cares even more. I wish everything could happen from time to time, I wish I could put the heart aside to listen more to the head. But there are times when you can’t. It is impossible.

GEMINI :  A Gemini would like his heart not to deceive him so much. Many times you have fallen in love with the wrong person. And although his head told him to stop, his heart encouraged him to continue. Gemini is changeable, no one doubts that, but not when they fall in love. When he does, his world stops, he only cares about that person and unfortunately, he sees hardly any defects. He does not see anything bad. His heart seems totally sedated, as if he doesn’t realize that difficult things will come later.

CANCER: Cancer’s heart is sensitive and smooth. Much. He would love it to be a little harder, colder. He would love to know how to turn around and say no more often in love. But it costs him his life, and especially when he is in love. Believe in second chances, but only second chances. When his head tells him to stop and that he shouldn’t give one more, his heart tells him to do it, that the last one, that he has to try. And therein lies the problem, you don’t just try once, you try a million before you really find out that it doesn’t work.

LEO: Leo’s heart has a lot of love to give, but the problem is that he still has old wounds from past loves. Leo lives it all so intensely that, although he may start other relationships, in his heart there is still room for loves from the past. And that sometimes takes its toll. He would love that his heart could suddenly drop everything, he would love that his heart had no memory. And in fact, he hates it that way. Turn the page of course yes, but there is still something there ...

VIRGO:  Virgo has a huge heart and always gives too much, in his own way, yes, but a lot. Sometimes that can wear you out. In the end, he has a very selfless soul. He is a person who loves to help, who loves to be there when they need him. He thinks that, among other things, a good person has to do that. It has to be, whatever happens. Your heart would keep you from not doing it, but sometimes your heart gets the wrong person too.

LIBRA: Libra’s heart is generous and caring. He suffers when the people he loves are suffering. He puts himself too much in the place of others even though he appears to have a brick wall so that they do not see him as someone weak. Libra’s heart suffers more than it counts and that bothers Libra. In love, it can sink and it can break down often. Your heart pays for the bad decisions of others.

SCORPIO: Scorpio has a very delicate heart. It may be difficult to get to, but when you do, it will be yours forever. And the problem is that, that Scorpio is capable of giving everything. Able to cross oceans for you, able to put aside anything to be with you ... And when he gives everything he also runs the risk of losing everything. And his heart will suffer greatly if you disappoint him, and he will fall hard, and shatter into a thousand pieces. And one day it will put all those bits together to make it beat again, but it will cost ...

SAGITTARIUS: The heart of Sagittarius is selfish with Sagittarius. When he wants something, he goes for it, even though it can hurt Sagi a lot. Sometimes he falls in love with the most toxic people on earth, and even though his head tells him to stop, his heart doesn’t stop. Sagi hates that, he wants to put himself first but he can’t always, he wants to take better care of himself but there is something that leads him down winding paths, paths that are actually full of thorns.

CAPRICORN:  Capricorn’s heart is made of steel. Although you want to be close to others many times, there is something that stops you. Capri would love to change, she would love to give more of herself, to be able to let her emotions and feelings flow freely and not have to always be thinking that they can do her a lot of harm. Sometimes they withdraw from others without even realizing it. Because they put a barrier to all that energy that flows inside.

AQUARIUS: The heart of Aquarius has a lot of trouble recovering from disappointments quickly. When something hurts a lot, you isolate yourself, you withdraw, and your heart takes a long time to recover. He would love to go through more of everything, that nothing mattered so much to him as to become so sad ... Everything affects him too much and he would pay for his heart not to have such a bad time. Because also, many times it is because of nonsense for which he is not even to blame.

PISCES: The heart of Pisces is too emotional. He can make a world out of any little thing, out of any nonsense. Pisces does not want to be like that but everything affects him. A bad word can hurt days. And no matter how hard he wants to get tough, he can’t. Screaming is very unsettling and can shed a tear with some ugly detail that you have had. The heart of Pisces is incredibly sensitive and has to be surrounded by people who take good care of it and who love it.

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