What Would a Future Libra Self Write in a Letter to You?


“The importance of losing the fear of flying”. Libra, in life everything counts and everything passes. Time flies and there are trains with incredible destinations that only stop once in their lives. The first thing you have to know is that it is all positive change, it comes when the strength to carry out a change in attitude is born. Do not think so much about measuring what you do so that no one feels hurt Libra, inhibiting a soul as traveling as yours is a very big mistake. You have to let yourself go and not let them take you, learn to pilot your life once and for all because you have enough experience to do even stunts.

Risk more, time passes very quickly and each performance we have will define us little by little, and there are times when you can’t go back to improve something ... Don’t doubt yourself so much Libra, seriously, you have to bet more on what You feel, you have to get serious to learn to better listen to your instincts and above all, to act for you.

Go ahead, without fear and without any type of worry, because it is not good to hide the energy you have inside out of shame to what others may think.

Just like you also have to stop shutting up what you feel for not offending. It is not a good thing that you accumulate so much and that you shut up such great truths because you have to get tired of being a good person now.

Forget once about that bubble that Libra has created for yourself and in which you often vent and take advantage of every minute you have with people who do you good. In the end, with shame, we are at the doors of things that can be wonderful. Libra, you actually know that yours is a very natural sweet disaster, people who know you tell you, you are a unique person and you don’t have to let anyone make you think otherwise. Do what you want with your life. Do not regret what you have never done again ...

Put aside the silly differences with the people you love and do not get confused, because with the fingers of one hand you stay with the most important ones. Acquaintances, many, but true friends are the ones with whom you really enjoy the little things.

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