What will a Pisces never allow?


Pisces, is a very special person, it is that type of person who likes to live their life in their own way. He lives in his own fantasy world, a world that very few people ever understand. The truth is that Pisces is unique, it is that type of person who attracts attention with just their presence and it is totally normal, it is impossible to take your eye off when you are near him / her. Normally he signs up for everything and has no problem trying new things, but there are things that he will not overlook, there are things that no matter how much you ask him he will never do ...

Now what things will he never do? Pisces, you may seem like a dramatic person, actually, you love drama, but you will never let negativity flood your life. He is not going to allow bad vibes to take over him, he knows perfectly well that his world can collapse at any moment, but he also knows that he is capable of rebuilding him overnight.

Pisces, you will never give up, you will never stop fighting and prove your worth.

Although it is true that he / she is not aware of all the potential and talent that they have inside, the day they discover it they will not stop fulfilling all those crazy dreams that they have inside their little head ... Pisces is a person who needs to lose himself to return to find, but that does not mean that he is the / the best friend / a of negativity, he simply likes to caress the darkest to realize that it is pure light.

Yes, he is very sensitive and sentimental, most things he takes very seriously, especially those things that should not be of much importance, but that does not mean that he is a weak person, he simply does not like that tease him and that is precisely why he will never let you go too clever. Pisces loves jokes, but when he sees that they are jokes that the only thing they do is harm, he no longer likes them so much, for him / her those jokes should not exist, he has a very bad time watching people suffer, it is more for him / her such jokes are not jokes.

At heart, Pisces is a very strong person, it is Thor trapped in the body of a Disney princess.

He has that sweet and delicate presence that makes everyone fall in love with him / her, but inside he has that strength that makes him never fall and always get into any battle against injustices. You will never see him being part of something that is not fair, he / she is fed up with this society judging people without knowing anything about their life because, unfortunately, they know a lot. They have not stopped criticizing him throughout his life and that is why he / she will never do it with others and if he does it, he will do it unconsciously.

Pisces has no evil, it is true that depending on the moment, he / she can become a truly toxic person, but he / she himself / herself will realize it and will try to change that attitude that does not go at all with his / her personality.

In short, having Pisces by your side is a great fortune. It will never stop surprising you, it is more never stop investigating the things you like to surprise you day after day. He will never let bad vibes get into your life, much less his. It is obvious that it has more dramas than Passion de Galileans, but one thing does not take away from the other, Pisces is pure love and will never let its life be affected by others, it will do everything it can to be really happy and it will never give up their dreams…

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