What triggers your anxiety?


All of us who have ever suffered from anxiety know what we are talking about. It is a horrible state, unable to control, a state that causes stress, sweating, the urge to eat a lot, or outright rejection of food. Anxiety also causes fear, because sometimes you are not even aware of why it is happening to you, it causes vulnerability because you look more fragile and weak and it can end up causing something much worse: depression. Each one has a way of channeling that anxiety, and there are also issues that trigger it, and they are not the same for everyone. What triggers your anxiety:

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Sometimes you think that you can with all Aries, and that is the problem, that you can, but at what cost? You take care of yours, you are always aware that they do not lack anything. You come and go, you fulfill all your obligations, with all your responsibilities, and add to that that you are already a nervous person who needs to exercise, or go out, or move ... And if you realize it, throughout your life few times you have taken a break. And not only physical, but emotional Aries.

Anxiety comes to you at moments when you suddenly stop, in which, for whatever reason, you are forced to stop. And it is not because you actually stop, but because when you stop, your mind has more time to think, to obsess over Aries, to turn everything around ...

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

You are afraid of making a mistake, making a decision that could lead to failure, you are stressed by not being able to meet your goals, with your deadlines, with your times ... You are horrified by the idea that others may get angry with you because they think you are not too much good / o. Yes Taurus, your perfection makes you have episodes of great anxiety.

You have to think that everything will work out, you have to trust yourself more. Often times, and you know it, things get a lot worse when you think about it more. Learn to relax your head and think that if something is for you, it will come. And please, if there is something that is not working, do not get into trying to get it over and over again. Sometimes it is good to change the course of things, of thoughts ...

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Sometimes you let a lot of things get to you that cause you a lot of stress. Deep down, you gradually accumulate small details that form a huge ball that is what makes you break with everything afterwards, the one that causes you all that anxiety. Heartbreak breaks you in two, or if the person you like misbehaves with you, illness and fear also make you have anxiety, and misinformation ...

In the end, you are a person who reads a lot, who is constantly feeding on news and news all the time. It would relax you a little more to let your mind calm for a while, do some meditation, feel a little calmer ... But for that, you have to make an effort to find things that keep that peace. Do not speed up too much and think that there are things you cannot change.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Your anxiety comes when you start to feel insecure about something Cancer, when you are not sure what decision you should make, when someone you care about starts treating you badly or starts ignoring you all the time. In the end, all this translates into a brutal lack of self-esteem because even though you may seem very independent on many occasions, you are not, and the opinion of yours is sometimes considered almost more important than your own ...

If someone you love doesn’t give you the love you need, you start to feel tiny, more and more and more, and if we add to that that he treats you badly, you end up having a brutal anxiety, although almost always in the long term. It’s easy for it to end in depression if you don’t control it Cancer, if you don’t let toxic thoughts go, along with the people who hurt you, away from you.

LEO (July 23 to August 22)

When you lose control of an important situation, you fill up with Leo anxiety. It is very easy for you to “get hooked” on everything that makes you feel good at times, such as love. But it is also very difficult for you to completely disengage. Know that you have come out of much worse situations. You have a tendency to forget the good things that have happened to you in life, the situations that you have already emerged from. And if you forget them, the problem is that you think you can never get over it.

Sometimes you just need to find another plan, and not another plan to get the attention of the first plan, if not to really start over. Change the Leo chip, and change it for real ...

VIRGO (from August 23 to September 22)

You are your worst Virgo nightmare. You and only you are the one who creates all the anxiety. And it is because you think too much, but also, with everything. Uncertainty about anything slowly kills you Virgo, stresses you out, and causes you a lot of distress. Once you start making decisions and looking ahead, everything changes Virgo. And you start to be fine.

Sometimes anxiety comes because you always put yourself in the worst, and you don’t have time to enjoy the good things that are happening to you. There is always something that tells you not to trust too much, there is always something that tells you not to trust at all. You cannot enjoy anything like that and only when you do it and finally have a good time without the need to measure the consequences is when you are fully happy. Insecure people also cause you a lot of Virgo anxiety, keep in mind that you will not be able to change them so, before you fall, let them go because they will only cause you terrible anxiety.

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22)

When you see that something is unfair, you get too stressed. Your head starts spinning around and around and you start wondering if you should talk, if you should complain, if you should stop, if you should shut up more than one or if you should just go somewhere else ... In short, it pisses you off being in that place. situation because you do not understand how there are people who seem to not think about others and who always want to be right, at all costs, whatever it may be. You think a lot about the pros and cons of everything and very authoritarian people stress you out, a lot.

Sometimes, all you have to do is walk away, take your time from those kinds of people who in the end, just play with your mind and make you feel bad. Let go of what you have to let go of Libra as soon as possible, but don’t get tangled up anymore. nor do you give opportunities again and again to them. Unfair people are unfair all their lives.

ESCORPIO (from October 23 to November 22)

Anxiety comes into your life when you suddenly find yourself lost Scorpio, when you don’t know what to do with your life, when you start to have questions all the time in your head and in your mind ... And above all, when you start to feel that you have nothing under control. It gives you a lot of stress to think that things are getting out of hand. It’s like you feel that if you don’t do it, no one will do it right. And sometimes, you are very right.

Also, what triggers your anxiety is not having enough space for yourself, owning your peace of mind ... It makes you very anxious that there are people who do not fully respect your limits. Because you set limits, and many. But there are people who want to enter your life at all costs and that makes you nervous, and anxious and stresses you a lot. In addition, it also brings out the worst in you because it makes you pissed off and tense up too much.

SAGITTARIUS (from November 23 to December 21)

It causes you a lot of anxiety to be told how to behave, what to wear, how to dress ... You are also very stressed by people who do not know how to drive, very selfish people who only look for their own good and are not able to see for themselves. good of the rest. But what really causes you anxiety is having to make important decisions.

You are capable of not taking it out of fear, but later, if you don’t take it, you start to feel much worse. It’s complicated. Above all, the decisions that involve changes in work, or in a relationship, or in friendships, or simply in life. Even when you know what to do about it. It also causes you a lot of anxiety when someone you care about too much yells at or badmouths you. When anxiety comes, your stomach closes and you can hardly even breathe ... It is true that when this happens it is because you have already accumulated too much.

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 20)

You are the root of your Capricorn anxiety, and that is the problem, you do not forgive and that is why many times you do not move forward. You push yourself too hard, you put a lot of obstacles when you want to be happy and always, always, you think that something will go wrong. Whatever it is. Stop thinking about “what if ...” or “if that hadn’t happened ...” and start living in the now, the present moment. Do not get frustrated and let yourself be carried away a little more by what you feel, by what you want to do at all times.

You need to trust others a little more, okay, it is clear that you do not have to do it in everyone, but at least, you do in someone who really shows you that they want your good. Take care of your mind and your body and please, do not let people enter your life who all they do is provoke you, people who will play with your head because in the end, that is what will lead you to ruin and will do you a lot of damage ...

AQUARIUS (from January 21 to February 19)

When things don’t go your way, Aquarius anxiety begins, and your anxiety is brutal because your head is like an always-on pressure cooker. You need to live a quiet and peaceful life. People who don’t know what they want destabilize you too much, stress you out and make you very nervous. In fact, if you have had indecisive partners and without objectives or without goals, in the end they end up contaminating that lifestyle and you, it ends up breaking you in two.

The fact that you have to pull the car all the time is something that also triggers your Aquarius anxiety. You do not like having to be aware of others, and having to do it out of obligation generates a lot of stress Aquarius. Above all, with couples or with people you love and who have no interest or strength to carry something with effort. Slow down and relax… The way others are you cannot change. Simply surround yourself with whoever adds you and contributes ...

PISCES (February 20 to March 20)

You are a sensitive Pisces person, and many things can trigger anxiety but what makes you feel like yours is starting to leave you behind, Pisces. You need your people close by all the time and seeing that some of them are moving away from “your mantle” makes you very nervous. And above all, when those who move away do so for third parties, for people who may not be as good as they are painted. You are very afraid of the disease and that something may happen to you but stress comes to you because as you are always used to taking care of others, if something happens to you you feel that no one will take care of the rest.

In the end, you are a generous person in your own way and wanting to give so much and that everything is perfect or at least, in order, leads you to have episodes of stress. You can’t take care of everyone Pisces, and you can’t protect them either. Let them be wrong ... Only then will you free yourself from that stress.

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