What Thoughts and Emotions Do Aquarius Have?


Aquarius is a very original being in all aspects of life, however, there are many who consider at first glance that this sign lacks the emotional part that we all have, they are wrong! Aquarius hides his deepest thoughts and emotions deep within himself, but those who really know him know that this sign has a lot to give, do you want to see it? Know the thoughts and emotions of Aquarius and do not stay with the intrigue ...


Perfectionists to the limit, where an Aquarius is there will always be an order (his order). This sign has intense desires to do great things in his life, but his fanatic and intolerant streak often prevents him from doing so. They want to make changes , try new things, live unique experiences, and be able to transform this crazy world a little bit. What happens to Aquarius is being such a perfectionist makes him carry out any activity from a rather demanding point of view with himself ... he has so much to give and offer that sometimes he forgets his own happiness. Aquarius is different from the rest!


Aquarius can dedicate himself to only one thing in his life, that is, if he decides to be a lawyer, he will surely be one until retirement ... yes, he will be the best of lawyers, or the best of any profession that he sets out to do. Now, in his spare time he will do a thousand and one things because he is the most versatile sign of the zodiac. It seems impossible to conceive right? So that’s it. Informal and idealistic, Aquarius has dreams that very few know , but wants to carry out at any cost.

As he is also quite stubborn and rebellious whenever he can and has the opportunity, he will put all his ingenuity in those tasks that he is passionate about. You know or believe that it is important to have something solid in this life, but you also know that you can do things that fill small spaces that make you feel alive. Original and innovative those born under the sign of Aquarius want to live life to the fullest… Of course they do!


Whoever believes that this sign is not one of those who think about things a lot or whoever considers that he walks the world caring for all eight than eighty is very, very wrong. Aquarius is a great thinker, what happens is that he does it from logic. It does not act and will never act on impulses. Why? Well, because contrary to what many think, this sign does not stitch without a thread. The Aquarian mind is prepared for more than conventional thinking, they know what is good for them and what is not.

It is true that it is very difficult to see Aquarius telling everyone what he thinks openly, what is more, he will draw more attention in this way to those around him for this characteristic. They are very open and communicative people, but their deepest thoughts will remain for him or her and hopefully for someone else important in their lives ...


When we say that a sign is idealistic it is because it wants to pursue its dreams and ideals, but when we talk about Aquarius it falls short. This sign has the power to make your ideals absolutely unshakable… whatever happens and at all costs. A curious fact is that Aquarius has a capacity that luckily or unfortunately no other signs have, when he idealizes someone and realizes that it is not as he had imagined, he immediately erases the person, but not that image that had been made of it. Even more curious, that image can remain forever in your memory ... yes, you will know how to differentiate one thing from the other. Aquarius has a lot of imagination, but he is intelligent and cunning , and his ideals will not be enough just when making decisions ...


Neither little passionate, nor very detached ... Whoever thinks this is that they do not know Aquarius well. This sign really feels and feels. Those who call him a cold and emotionless person do not even imagine what Aquarius really is like. In his inner world he has emotional needs like any other person, but also sometimes these needs become a bit chaotic and cause Aquarius to conflict.

As he seeks stability above all things and feeling this way does not seem entirely appropriate, when he connects with the deepest part of his being, he is scared with everything he has inside. Aquarius wants and seems to always be on his own terms , but the truth is that this sign brings together a series of qualities that are only typical of a person with a fascinating inner world ... Great Aquarius!

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