What sign am I if I was born on September 23 or 22 or 24? Virgo or Libra?


If you were born between September 22, September 23 or September 24, you are right at the end of the Virgo sign and the beginning of Libra.

That is why magazines sometimes tell you that you are Virgo and other times Libra.

The only way to know exactly what sign you are is by knowing the full day you were born (including the year of birth) and also the place of birth.

Leap years that make the year 366 days instead of 365 days reset the calendar.

Therefore, to get rid of doubts about your sign, you can write to us below and tell us your birth data, and we will tell you if you are Virgo or Libra .

You will see that with one sign you identify yourself more than with the other!

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