What sign am I if I was born on October 23 or 24? Libra or Scorpio?


You were born on October 23 and you do not know if you are Libra or Scorpio?

You were born on October 24 and the same thing happens to you? It is that you are in a fringe day , on those days the Sun is at the end of the Libra sign and the beginning of the Scorpio sign.

To know in what degree and minute your Sun is in your Natal Chart, you have to know your time of birth.

If you want, you can write a comment below giving us your day, month, year and time of birth, along with the place, so that we can calculate which sign you are finally, if Libra or Scorpio . It’s the only way to find out !! The date of the horoscopes in the magazines is sometimes wrong.

Write to us and you will know what sign you are, that easy!

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