What sign am I if I was born on June 21 or 22? Gemini or Cancer?


Being born on June 21 can make your zodiac sign Gemini or Cancer. Why? Because during that day the Sun passes through these signs, so that according to the time, the Sun will be located in the Gemini sign or Cancer sign, which defines what sign you are.

Gemini is an open, communicative energy, very friendly with their friends, intelligent. Cancer is an energy associated with sensitivity, affectionate, protective, that likes family and home.

That is why it is important to know what sign you are if you were born on June 21. The question may also arise if you were born on June 22.

If you were born on June 21 (or June 22) and you don’t know what your sign is, write to us below giving us your date, time and place of birth and we will answer you so that you have doubts.

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