What sign am I if I was born on July 23, 22 or 24? Cancer or Leo?

Many horoscope experts and magazines claim that those born on July 23 are of the Cancer sign; others that are of the sign Leo.

The same happens with July 24. If you were born on July 23 or 24 you will surely have that doubt and you will ask yourself “then what sign am I?” !!

The answer is that depending on the year and place of birth, you will be Cancer or Leo . Why? Why are leap years…

To know the exact position of your Sun in your Natal Chart (which is what defines what your sign is), write us your date of birth (day, month and time) and where you were born in the comments box below, and we will respond to you as concrete form. So you will know what your sign is, the sign that governs your whole life!

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