What sign am I if I was born on January 20 or 21? Capricorn or Aquarius?


Sometimes January 20 corresponds to Capricorn, and sometimes to Aquarius.

Likewise, if you were born on January 21, can your Sun be in the sign of Capricorn or Aquarius? What does it depend on?

It depends mainly on the year of birth, and also on the time and place of birth. Therefore, to know if your sign is Aquarius or Capricorn, you must know your exact time of birth. If not, it is impossible ...

If you were born on any of these days, send us your birth data (day, time and place of birth-country and city) below, in a comment, and we will answer what sign you are .

Once you know the position of your Sun (which sign you are), you can investigate the position of your Moon, the Ascendant, etc, and discover the fascinating Astrology, but first is your Sun!

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