What sign am I if I was born on February 19, 18 or 20? Aquarius or Pisces?


There are people who are Aquarius having been born on February 19, and others are Pisces. The same happens with February 18 and 20.

If you are in any of these 2 cases and you have any doubt which sign you are, you can write a comment below with your birth data: day, time and place , and we will answer you what your sign is.

It is important that you put the year of birth, because depending on whether it is leap or not, the location of your Sun will differ in the Natal Chart, which finally defines “what sign am I”.

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    Kaila Dunlap

    I am confused.. am I a Pisces or Aquarius? Born February 19, 1997 in Jacksonville FL at 1:42 pm.

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