What sign am I if I was born on August 23 or 24? Leo or Virgo?


Being born on August 23 or August 24 means that your Zodiac Sign is Leo or Virgo.

What does it depend on? From your year of birth. Also from your place of birth.

This is the reason why horoscope magazines sometimes say “August 23 is Leo” or “August 23 is Virgo,” and the same thing happens with August 24, which is sometimes Leo and sometimes Virgo.

What to do then? You need to know the exact position of the Sun when you were born. For that it is necessary to know your Natal Chart.

We make it easy for you. Tell us your day and time of birth along with the year , and also the place of birth below, in the comments, and we will answer you if you are Leo or Virgo .

You can also do it the other way around. Read the articles on Leo and Virgo… What sign do you identify with the most? Surely there is your Sun!

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