What sign am I if I was born on April 20 or 19 or 21? Aries or Taurus?


Those born on April 20 can be Aries or Taurus: What does it fundamentally depend on the time of birth? During that day, the Sun passes through the 2 signs of the zodiac Aries and Taurus. It can also happen with April 19 or 21.

The difference is great, since Aries is the energy of impulse, action, courage, while Taurus is the energy of peace, tranquility, the enjoyment of material things like sleeping or eating. It is important to know what your sun sign is.

If you have doubts about what sign you are, having been born on April 19, 20 or 21, you can tell us your day, time and year of birth, along with the place, and we will answer you where your Sun is, that is, your main sign.

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    I was born on April 19th at about 5:30 pm in California

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