What Should You Know About the Halloween Blue Moon?


This October 31st is going to be a very special day. It is Halloween but, in addition, this year there is an incredible Blue Moon shining in the sky. Blue Moon is called the second Full Moon in a month. We start October with a Full Moon in Aries just on the 1st and end it with a Full Moon in Taurus on the 31st. It will be the only Full Moon of the Scorpio season. Whatever your plan for this Halloween, you’re surely wondering how this Blue Moon is going to affect you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Halloween Blue Moon:

This year, Halloween night is going to be more mystical and mysterious than in previous years. As the Moon is in Taurus that day, it will make us pay more attention to love, money, and pleasure. It is important that you take advantage of that energy to tie up the dots and to finish things that you have pending. It is time to pay debts, to sign peace, and to seek closure to those relationships that can no longer move forward. You have to be careful with unexpected changes and impulses related to your heart.

This Full Moon will be in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of change so some surprises may arise. Uranus brings last-minute changes and unforeseen events, so be prepared for everything that may come. If you want to know how the Halloween Blue Moon will affect you according to your Zodiac sign, keep reading:


This Full Moon, Aries, asks you to take stock of everything you have right now in your life and then, to be responsible and face all those things that have escaped your control. It’s time to regain your power. The Full Moon is going to give you a shot of energy that is going to make you start defending yourself and fighting for what is yours.

Take the opportunity to try to put your feet on the ground and let the Moon guide you to make better decisions and to put your problems in order. The most important thing, Aries, is that you leave your savings still and that you do not take more shine to your card. Don’t spend on what you know you’re going to regret. Here’s what you should know about the Halloween Blue Moon.


This super Blue Moon, Taurus, is in your sign and that is why you will feel much more energy than the others. Everything becomes more intense and deeper. Emotions that seemed to be hidden, come to light and reawaken. Your feelings are going to change in the blink of an eye, so try to let yourself go and go with the flow.

During that night you will realize many things. Finally, you are going to see with your own eyes things that were hidden and that will make you completely change your opinion. This Full Moon makes you shine brighter than ever. You will want to have a little more attention and affection, so do not hesitate to ask for it.


During that night, you will realize that you must devote much more time to yourself. Lately, you are not and do not have time to really think about yourself and what you want in your life. Dedicate some time to yourself, Gemini. If you don’t feel like meeting anyone, don’t stay. Don’t make excuses and tell the truth. It is important that you stop to catch up with that little head that never stops still.

Listen to your body and take the time you need to relax. This Halloween is going to be very different from the previous ones. Not only because of the pandemic but because you want to spend it alone. Maybe it’s the perfect time to do that ritual that you’ve been thinking about for so long.


The powerful energy of this Blue Full Moon makes you come out of your crab shell and look at everything out there. The plans are going to be different but you want more than ever to surround yourself with YOUR people. Not just anyone, but those who fill your heart completely.

There are many people who give you company but very few who give you confidence. This Halloween night you will realize that it is time to value each one as they deserve. What you should know about the Halloween Blue Moon is that you will feel valuable because you will finally find your place in the world. During that special night, you will realize that you have lost a lot of time for not having made peace with someone before. It’s time to reconcile, Cancer.


You are again struggling to trust yourself much more. You’re in luck, Leo because the Blue Full Moon is coming to give you that little push you need. In spite of everything, it is a good time to make professional decisions and make things clear to your boss, your partner, or that partner who does not stop getting into trouble. Do not be afraid, to be honest, and take that initiative that terrifies you so much.

You are a successful person, so let yourself be carried away by the impulse of the Full Moon to fulfill those goals that you have pending. Take back control of your life and value yourself as you deserve. Taking the opportunity to renew your image, Leo, will help others see you as you really are. Get ready for what’s about to come.


You’re tired of feeling locked into your own life. You have been a few weeks in which you feel that everything drowns you and that you have lost your own essence. Attention, Virgo, because this Full Moon will help you to free yourself and find your way again. You will have the need to expand, in every way. You have to get out of your comfort zone anyway, you have to feel again that you are more alive than ever. This Moon is going to give you a lot of energy, Virgo. That’s just all you needed.

Take advantage of that night to seek pleasure in the most adventurous and daring way you know. Treat your body, Virgo. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or accompanied. On this mysterious and special night, the only requirement is to have fun. Here’s what you should know about the Halloween Blue Moon.


Thanks to this Blue Full Moon you will realize many things, Libra. You will open your eyes and discover that there is a person who is not valuing you as you deserve. Especially, related to the professional. That person is neither more nor less than yourself. During that night and under the light of the Moon write down on paper all the good things about you. Surely they come out more than you imagined. You have to do everything you can to realize that you are more valid than you thought until now.

Lately, you want things to be done as you say and you are pushing yourself too hard. Take advantage of that powerful energy of the Moon to let go of that need for control and let yourself be carried away by the vibe of each moment.


This Blue Full Moon marks a before and after in a very important relationship for you, Scorpio. Matters that you have been pending for a long time, are reopened to demand an explanation. You will have to make a decision and this time it is only up to you. Thanks to their energy, you begin to see things as they are. You’ll realize what works in the relationship and what doesn’t. Take advantage of that moment of clarity to act, Scorpio.

This Full Moon brings unexpected changes to the most important relationship you have right now. Changes related to a breakup or a different commitment. Be well prepared for everything that can come…


Your routine is completely changing and this Full Moon asks you to review it and be very aware of what you really want. You are in a critical moment, Sagittarius, at a time when you have a good chance of making all the changes you want. This Full Moon offers you the opportunity to free yourself from everything toxic. Whether it’s relationships, people, habits, thoughts, etc… It’s the perfect time to start a 0 routine.

This Full Moon has a lot to do with personal growth, Sagittarius. You have to be aware that there are only times when you can’t do everything. The Moon makes you see that it is important to ask for help.


This Blue Full Moon awakens your funniest and most childish side, Capricorn. You have been weeks in which stress and worries are protagonists of your life, but thanks to this Moon, everything changes. You feel like being with your people and having fun. Turn off the phone and give it to all those people who call you or write to you to ask you for favors.

Take a break and treat yourself to having some fun. Thanks to that positive energy that the Moon will give you, you will get very close to people who are always important to you. Because of stress, you have moved away from them and now, Capricorn, you are going to make up for all the lost time.


This Full Moon asks you to focus much more on yourself and to put aside the past altogether. It’s not going to be easy and you know it, but it’s going to be very worthwhile. You will feel the need to spend much more time with your lifelong friends and, above all, with your family. You have focused a lot on forgetting a person, on turning the page and you have forgotten all the wonderful people who have been by your side on this hard road.

What you should know about the Blue Moon on Halloween is that thanks to that Moon, you will make peace with yourself and also with the past. At last, you are going to leave fear behind and you are not going to let the dramas of the past force you to stop. Trust your heart, Aquarius, because he is always right.


Do not panic if during the night of the Full Moon you receive more Whatsapp and more notifications on your phone than normal. You really want to disconnect from all the problems and meet again with your people. This Full Moon helps you connect again with a person who was very special to you. You will discover that you have spent a lot of time away from that person you like so much.

Thanks to that powerful energy of this Moon, Pisces, you will be able to solve several conflicts and problems that are right now in your relationships. Mercury retrograde has not made it easy for you, but thanks to the Moon, everything will be solved. Now more than ever, be guided by your heart. Here’s what you should know about the Blue Moon on Halloween.

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