What should the zodiac signs do before the end of october?


Finishing a stage is starting serves to open a new range full of possibilities. In this case, October is over and we are always on time to finalize our affairs in the best possible way. There is NOTHING that can stop us, as long as our mind is strong and we want to do everything. There will be NOTHING to stop us and here, what each sign should do before the end of October:


Turn off all the electronic devices that are already faithful in your life. Not having your eyes on ANY screen Aries, a total disconnection from any type of social network ... You need a day off from the world and all the news, and the best thing for you in this case is a full-blown shock therapy. Everything turned off, you won’t look at anything. Easy, cheap and simple.


Spend a whole day RELAXING and DOING NOTHING. Do not clean, do not organize, do not command, do not do a thousand things at once ... NO, NO AND NO Taurus. Seriously, take a wild day off to break your own rules and tire yourself out of DOING ANYTHING OF ANYTHING. You deserve it ... Try taking an excursion with friends and family to a place with a lot of nature.


Invest a whole day and exclusively to enjoy WITH YOUR FAMILY. The people you love the most love you exclusively Gemini. Do not make plans with anyone else, just with them and go to someone that has a lot of meaning for the whole family. Nothing better than spending a day of great affection, naturalness and fun. A day where you can show how much you appreciate everyone ...


Take the luxury of not doing a single favor TO ANYONE and invest a whole day exclusively for yourself. Do what comes out of there, but that everything you do, be by and for you. Not even if your neighbor in the fifth year asks you for a super favor of life or death, who helps you in everything she can always ... Cancer, the time has come to be a little selfish for and for you. For your own good.


Allow yourself the luxury of doing what you really want Leo. There is no use if you make us believe that you do what you want every day, because it is not like that and you know it. Everything you do in rebellious mode, is to get someone else’s attention, or at least that’s how it was until now ... Take a day of total disconnection, do not respond to ANYONE AND go your way. One day is a Leo day.


Stop worrying about all the expenses you have had to face, and give yourself a good Virgo treat. End October with the feeling of being where you want to be and having what you really deserve. If you fancy sofa day, movie marathon and DO NOTHING, then do it. Anything that gives you a good vibe is more than welcome in your life.


Either you do what you’ve been thinking for these last few weeks, or you close that Libra chapter with a bang. Either you jump in, or you forget, but you don’t have to end October with a question or with something to do. If you do, go for it. If you don’t, we recommend that you disconnect from the virtual world for at least one day. Those network detoxes will come in handy for you.


Spend a day doing something with your Scorpio people. Go out to dinner, have a party or simply go somewhere with a lot of nature and a good supply of “picnic” type food. Whatever it is, that makes you be very close to yours ... Your body is asking you for large doses of laughter with people who do you good. Pamper yourself and give it to them. Reconnect with ALL your people.


Do something with your partner, and if you don’t have one, with a very good helping hand. Your body asks you to make plans with a lot of charm. Travel, go to the movies, see a new city, or go to eat somewhere different. End the month in the best way, experimenting. Sagittarius, spending a day full of adventures and without worries, is another day of positive energy for your body.


Allow yourself the luxury of doing whatever you want, with whom you want and bringing out your wildest side. This is Capricorn, for the month to end well, you have to indulge yourself and break your own rules sometime. Let go of your hair, like when you do for a long time, that when you reveal yourself like this, you fall in love with the light that you give off.


Disconnect in every way. Both from the people you’ve spent a lot of time with, as well as the environment in which it seems that you already have your ass glued to it. This is Aquarius, for you to end in a positive way, you have to do a good cleansing of energies. A spa wouldn’t be bad at all. Give yourself a good session of lots of pampering, because you deserve it.


Staying more positive is a great way to end October. Take a day off of all those prejudices that still catch you little fish, and do what you want. Whatever makes you happy, jump into it, don’t hesitate ... Before the month ends, you have to be clear about one thing: you have to take care of your self-esteem EVERY DAY, and not just when you remember it.

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