What should all signs remember in particular moments?


All of us need a few words of encouragement from time to time to keep going, to keep going and not falter along the way. With all this we are experiencing, it is normal that many are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or that they are not thinking almost 24 hours about the situation constantly and with fear of the future. Therefore, we will make a small reminder for each of the zodiac signs. This is what each sign should remember right now:


Slow down Aries, you don’t always have to move, you don’t always have to be here and there, you don’t always have to know everything. Right now, you just have to be, and that’s it, breathe, stay there and don’t think about anything else. Because not everything is in your hands. Sometimes you have to learn to put the brakes on, and that time is now. It can focus on you, you deserve it.


Don’t stress out if you think you’re worrying too much. Let’s see Taurus, wanting to be safe is not a bad thing, it is our most animal instinct. It’s okay to be prepared for anything. Take care of yourself and don’t think you’re exaggerating. Right now, all protection is low. But when you have it, that’s it. Forget about the rest and do not improve so much, do not give more thought to everything. You are doing the best you can.


You don’t have to know everything Gemini, you don’t have to overload yourself with information, you don’t have to have so much data in your head. Seriously, Gemini, if you keep up like this, it could cost you your health. Take care of your mind, right now it is the most important thing. And look no further than anything ... Do not want to get sick of information saturation. You’re doing great, and you’re putting up with a lot.


You care a lot for yours Cancer, and the truth is that it is very good to do it, but believe me, they already know it, and they also think that you have to be the one who cares a little more about you. Remember that in order to take care of others, one has to be good with oneself first. Don’t neglect now Cancer ... Pamper yourself a little Crab, take care of yourself a little.


This situation is stressing you a lot, Leo but you have to understand that sometimes, nerves all they do is spoil everything. Take care of yourself and try to keep your inner peace, because without that, there will be nothing else. In the end, you are a super positive and cheerful person who transmits a lot to others. Do not decay Leo, not now. Because if not, the rest will go after you Leo. Strength and courage.


Your head does not stop turning to all Virgo. You are focusing on trying to escape anyway, but you can’t because you think you are losing control. And not Virgo, you are simply letting the situation “be”. And it is the best, not to think more than necessary, and more when nothing can be done. Right now, staying sane for as long as possible is the right thing to do, what you have to do. Don’t lose your temper, don’t lose your sanity. 


Come on Libra, be that as it may, there are still beautiful things that are left in all this chaos. The solidarity of the people, the unity, the support, the applause, the desire to row in one direction, the strength of all united ... And that is what you should stay with. Recognize those details Libra, now more than ever is when you have to hold on to them and not lose hope. 


It won’t always be all dark Scorpio, you’ll find something to refocus on. Try to motivate yourself with all that you have to do, all that you have pending. Focus and look ahead Scorpio, something will light your way again, something will light your world again. Be strong and prepare your mind for everything that comes along. For the best scenarios but also for the worst. Take care of yourself and yours.


Remember who you are, the strength that Sagittarius has and that, when all this happens, you will be able to make important decisions. Do not be left with an anxiety with which at this moment you will not be able to do anything. Leave that which worried you before to solve it later Sagi, when it is due. In this situation, the most important thing is that you remember that you are still a complete person, with integrity, that nothing can handle you now. You don’t have to add fuel to the fire, you don’t have to add more burdens to life now. 


Seriously Capri, you can do a lot of things alone and that deep down is a great relief because at least you don’t need anyone in these critical moments. But don’t put too much weight on your back please. You can with much, you can with everything, but for that reason you do not have to force yourself to more. It’s okay to step back and rest. You need it and you deserve it ...


 Sometimes it is difficult for you to understand that to “save” others you have to save yourself. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish Aquarius, you also matter and you cannot take care of others if you are not well. Remember that everything has a solution and that it is useless to stress right now. You know what is important right now, rather, you know what is the only thing that matters so focus on that.


You have a lot of empathy with others, and that is a gift for them, in fact, from wherever you are, you are doing many things for those you love, for others, for the people who really need you now. Remember that you are essential for many Pececito, and when all this happens, your mind, your way of seeing things and above all, the choice of the people you want near you, will have changed.

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