What should a virgo be proud of?


Is there enough time, space and letters to be able to capture each and every one of the things that you should be proud of? No Virgo, there isn’t and you know it. This text is just a brief summary of all the reasons why you should be proud to be Virgo and, honestly, right now it would do you a lot of good to read this ... Virgo, after storms, the rainbow does not have to come out instantly. Calm does not have to come to the moment and it does not have to end everything. What we read in books or what we see in movies is fiction, the reality is much more overwhelming. In other words? That’s right, life is very bitchy when it wants to and in your case it has become gold with you lately and you know it. Now, the one who has become great very little by little and almost invincible, is you. This is Virgo, Put modesty aside for a moment and be proud of yourself. Now and always.

You are a cradle perfectionist and you have a wonderful mind with very strong, firm work rules and not suitable for crazy heads. You manage to break down barriers and be well above others without resorting to disrespect, foul play or any type of activity that does not honor you. If you succeed, it is all the work and grace of the fucking winning machine brain that you have Virgo, seriously, you are a genius from birth.

You have to take great pride in your ability to succeed in life, your intelligence and your ability to get up as many times as necessary and many more.
That’s right, you are one of the hearts that fall five times to get up about eight hundred more times and that, not just anyone does, that we can assure you ...

In love, at work, in your personal life, in your relationships with your friends ... No matter where it is, there is always honesty, fidelity and truth in each and every one of your actions and your words.

It would drive us crazy with the illusion of being able to have a close-up of your face right now. Surely you are refuting some points. It is obvious that, as a good Virgo that you are, you will not agree on some. You will have a thousand things to read and maybe a smile will escape you reading something that you know to be true ... Honestly, you are to infinity and more, but what we do not doubt is that, from now on, you will notice that has activated something in you ...

From now on, you are going to want to be and WILL be the proudest person of yourself forever and ever.
And if you ever forget it, please, just be for a few seconds, because you don’t deserve less than what you want Virgo. Not anymore. From now on, demand what you deserve, do not give in to people who do not deserve you and above all, cultivate and take care of your pride, because you are a truly wonderful person.

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