What should a taurus be proud of?


Dear Taurus, we have been trying to make a very fair selection of all your virtues and everything that makes you stand out like nobody else and, the truth is that we don’t even know where to start. There are so many things you have and how few people really appreciate ... First of all Taurus, we send you a huge hug with the flavor of THANKS. For being who you are, for your responsibility, your perseverance, your trust, your loyalty and your honesty. For many more things, but all our attention goes to that heart that you care so much, because truly, it is a gift from heaven.

We want to remember you and thank you for many things, but, first of all, we must applaud you for the intelligence that you spend and that you have not neglected until today because, thanks to it, you have taken advantage of all the challenges that have been presented to you. All with honor plates.

You are the most stubborn person on earth, yes, we strongly agree on that and so do you. You have a strong character (not just any, yours has a reputation as a “rock”) and you know that not everyone can bear it, but thanks to it there is no dream that can resist you.
Take pride in being on the safe side, not changing out of the blue, the security that your personality offers and the prudence you spend when you act, because witnessing your performances is like watching a play that moves you and takes your breath away ... Bravo for you Toro, because you can show off with great pride the cleanliness and generosity that you transmit at all times. That is something unique, only yours and nobody else’s ...

In love you are the perfect other half. The one that gives warmth when the world is cold, the one that gives security when there is nothing but uncertainty and the one that, despite everything, always stays by your side, until the end, to the death with everything and for all ... We can assure you world that, having you as a partner, friend or partner, is simply wonderful. They say that whoever has a Taurus in their life, gains in quality of life and you don’t know the holy reason they have for that… You are incredible Taurus.

We would love to have a small image of your face right now, because surely it has that characteristic smile of yours so shy but so strong at the same time ... Taurus, remember what you are worth and what you are capable of doing. Don’t stop dreaming big, okay? Wonderful things await you and we know that you are going to take advantage of ALL of them. You are amazing Taurus.

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