What should a scorpio be proud of?


Dear Scorpio, the time has come to open the doors of your heart wide. And why so? Why wide open? Very simple, this time, you really need it. You have the art of pretending that you are always ON FIRE and that there is nothing that affects you and that really hurts you, a scorpion, but we know you very, very well and your face speaks for itself.

You need to hear what makes you a wonderful person right now, and you know it. You need to hear out loud that everything you have done, you have done well and that your actions have not hurt anyone that you really care about ... Your exterior toughness does not fool us Scorpio, for that reason, we send you a hug huge love bear full of hope and a very pure and very special affection, like you ...

You deserve to be very proud of the person you have become and of all that you have fought in silence, without showing off, without proclaiming it from the rooftops ...

You deserve a lot of good things just for all the bad things that you have managed to reduce to ashes and you know it Scorpio.
You deserve to have all the pride you want and more for all the power you have shown, but what you really have to be proud of without any doubt, is your most affectionate and most sensitive sentimental part ... This is Scorpio, the part that most You are afraid to show the world (because of what they can do with it) it is the one that you should show off the most and the one that you should give the most merit… You know.

Although you are a very good strong and unstoppable fighter, you are also a charming person with a lot of magnetism and with a lot of sentimentality on top of it and you have to start merging both parts. Do not stay in a Scorpio extreme, do not choose between being an unstoppable fucking genius and creator of a thousand successes or a very dedicated lover and some dramas from time to time. You can be both parties at once, the fusion can be done Scorpio and with good pride. NOBODY can boast of being like this, no one but you ...

As a friend, you are priceless. As a lover, there is nothing that can overshadow you. As a life partner and supporter, there is no rival that can beat you, because you are, were, and will always be the most beautiful chance that can happen to anyone. Seriously, lucky the person who manages to keep up with you and be a participant in your life, because you spell Scorpio. Your magnetism leaves a mark for life and of that, you have to be proud to death.

The best of all is that we imagine you reading this with a lot of concentration on your face, but with an evil half smile and tremendously bewitching type “I already knew all this you just told me” and that is what really makes us fall in love with you Scorpio . You are magic, and the good kind.

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