What should a Sagittarius do in quarantine?


For you, the real challenge of this quarantine, Sagittarius, is having to deal with the fact that you have lost a large part of your freedom and plans that made your life much more enjoyable and fun. There is no doubt that you are facing this problem in a very positive way, as you almost always do. The real challenge for you this quarantine is that you feel that you will not have enough time to do all the things you want to do. Now, Sagittarius, what you should do is go little by little crossing out everything you have to do first.

Read all the books that you have pending, finish all the series, do all the sport you need, etc. ... Your real enemy these days is boredom, but time is your friend so keep up the pace and establish a schedule so as not to get bored and don’t get stuck in the routine. What you should do is finish everything you start.

Your sense of humor is one of the things that can save many from sadness these days. Fill your days with comedy and laughter and the days of the people you love. Making people laugh and smile are one of your talents, so in moments as hard as these, take advantage of them and make the most of them. Call your loved ones and try not to talk about the issue in question, help them to disconnect, to forget about the bad. Take advantage of these days to regain contact and strengthen your connection with that person you miss so much.

Do not forget to exercise, Sagittarius, right now sports can become your great escape route. During quarantine, keep your mind and body active to avoid falling into that boredom that you hate so much. If you don’t play sports, you will feel caged in your own home. Just as an animal can feel caged without being able to see the rest of the herd. You have to release endorphins and burn energy in order to feel much more comfortable and released as much as possible. These days, you are the engine and you are the joy for many people, Sagittarius, do not forget about it.

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