What should a sagittarius be proud of?


To cite all the arsenal of virtues that you always carry with you, it would be a bit impossible Sagittarius. Why? Because there is not enough space to be able to capture ALL of them. Dear Sagittarius, it is the perfect time to pay a good tribute to your full-fledged person. That’s right, we have to thank you for being who you are and for not having lost a single iota of those crazy, natural and incredibly positive personality that you always carry with you. Sagittarius, thank you for being the most vibrant and brilliant range of colors of all, thank you for making gray days stop being sad, thank you for turning them into days when you can show the world what you are worth, thank you for that ...

You have to be honest and recognize that you are a fucking genius in almost everything you do Sagittarius and you know it. It is a very good time for you to take pride in your work dynamics, the motivation you always carry, and the ingenuity you use when it comes to leaving your mark for life.

You make a bad day a new day to fight. You make someone who is discouraged about something, change radically and cling a lot to a hope that always goes with your goodness as standard ...
You do a lot of good around you Sagittarius, you flood the environment with an optimism that cannot be found in anyone else and that is really wonderful. You are the medicine that cures ills, the clear example that a mistake will never become a failure, because from mistakes you always get a thousand possibilities, solutions and lessons. Always. You live life in a very different way from those around you and that simple reason is what makes you a unique person.

You respect everyone, you accept everyone and you make your faith move mountains. Seriously, people who have the pleasure of spending time with you, feel that life is much easier with you.

The concept of “having and finding a better half” for you is dead. Completely old-fashioned right? And you know why, you know Sagittarius because deep down you feel that you are already complete. You do not need anyone to feel really complete and satisfied with your person and if that is not a reason to feel all the pride in the world, let him download what is up there and see it ... Seriously, hopefully and more people with the philosophy of life that you are spending lately, because you do a lot of good Sagittarius. You are free in every way, you make the people around you freer than ever and, in a way, you give wings to all the people who know you.

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