What should a libra be proud of?


Libra, be proud of the person you have become without fear, without any shame, without prejudice or complexes ... Be proud of everything you have learned along the way, of what you have left behind, of what is to come and of That heart of yours that you have there, well guarded ... It is strong, like you. He is incredibly brave, more than you can ever imagine.

Libra, take a moment to relax and ask yourself a very simple question: are you really proud of the person you are today? If your answer is NO, that is full-blown lack of self-esteem. If your answer is YES, congratulations, that means that you are doing things very, very well. PRIDE is the least you should feel today, because your actions speak for themselves Libra. You are a beautiful person.

All your virtues, your failures, your pot runs, follies and peculiarities make you a truly unique and incomparable being.
Fragile does not mean being weak. Sensitivity has nothing to do with weakness. Why do you think you are weak? Why are you doing yourself so few Libra favors? What’s really stopping you from being proud and not feeling like you’re showing off more? Putting yourself in the first place and bragging about it once a month, at least, is not going to do you any harm, because self-love also ends up withering if you do not water it regularly. Be proud of who you are, the path you have traveled to get to where you are, and your Libra heart.

Be proud to continue being you, despite everything ... You know that your back has borne more emotional weight than it should. You also know that, in a way, you have had a great part of the blame, because you have missed much more than you should have, but we all have the right to “hit each other in the face” to learn to value ourselves and really take care of ourselves. What really counts right now is the present and all that you have yet to live. Be proud of continuing to enliven that spirit that is so yours, of having that personality so different, be crazy, funny but at the same time, so warm ...Be proud to be a Libra each and every day of your life, because the humility that is born when you look is priceless. Feel that huge and energetic hug that we send you Libra, because it is a pleasure to have you, love you and take care of you.

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