What should a Leo do in quarantine?


For you, Leo, a very social person and also very active, this isolation thing is being a kind of torture. Now that things looked like they were going to work out for you, all your plans are going straight to hell. But the worst thing you can do these days is to punish yourself and think about everything that could have been and was not. Leo, what you should do is bring to light that positive attitude that characterizes you so much and get ahead and, also, help yours to overcome this situation. During these days, it is forbidden to complain about unnecessary things, Leo, about things that are not worth it right now, so you know that.

To take advantage of the time, use your creativity, Leo. Since you cannot feel free in one way, take the opportunity to feel free in another. For you, music is something super important in all aspects, so if you have the necessary skills, take the opportunity to learn to play a new instrument, to compose a new song or simply to delight your ears with your favorite songs or with those. songs that are so special to you. In these tough days, music can make time go by faster and make it much more enjoyable. These days do not forget to do what makes you happiest.

What you have the worst right now is that need for love, affection and attention that runs through your entire body. It’s tough, Leo, but there is no doubt that you will find a way to satisfy all your needs. Think that, in times of adversity, people get together much more, so take the opportunity to talk to that person who is so important to you. You often wear a breastplate to protect yourself, but now is the perfect time to let your best self out.

Also, it could be a perfect time to rediscover yourself. Loneliness will help you put your priorities in order, to clarify what you want and what you don’t. There is no doubt that you are going to come out of quarantine a totally different person. This will help you to mature a lot.

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