What should a gemini do in quarantine?


This being locked up at home for weeks is being a bit difficult for you, Gemini. You are a very social and active person, who is always here and there, who needs to surround himself with his people to be comfortable, who needs to share his life with others to be happy. But now, a certain part of your freedom has disappeared and it is not being as easy as you thought. It is important that you always stay connected with your people and that you do not forget to call them to find out how they are, but what you should do, Gemini  is to try to detach yourself from the phone and all kinds of screens. You are a super curious person and you like to keep up to date with everything, but perhaps over information can hurt you.

It will be difficult for you, because you also love to share all kinds of news with your people, but be careful because it can be toxic. If you feel like reading or learning, prepare a good book and start a new reading. Or even, it’s time to grab a pencil and paper and be the one to write those stories. Enough of reading fateful news about what is happening.

But above all, what you should do these days is to exercise your mind to the maximum. You are very restless and you need to have two projects underway or even more. So what you should do is choose two hobbies or two projects and focus on them as much as possible. Gemini, it is time to start learning or improving that language that always resists you. It is not being easy for you to disconnect these days and you will have to make an extra effort, but there is no doubt that with your wit and intellect you will come out of this being better than before.

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