What should a gemini be proud of?


Dear Gemini, for a little moment somewhere comfortable and read carefully. Settle your restless ass for a few minutes because we have something to tell you, okay? It’s good to always be the one who listens to others. Gemini, when was the last time you said something positive to yourself? When was the last moment you felt proud of who you are? You remember? We know that it is difficult for you to remember the exact moment and, do you know why it is? Because you don’t do it every time you should. Because you value yourself very little Gemini and you know it.

You spend more time being around and for others, instead of investing it in yourself ... You know that we are right, it makes you very angry to admit it because deep down, it also hurts, but someone had to tell you: YOU ARE A ANGEL GEMINI. The guardian, the sky, the wonders and the one you want to be, because you have earned it.

You are a true Gemini charm, very messy at times, but natural to the core. You have a very open mind and a very sociable character, but you also know how to be a very deep and thoughtful being.
It is very surprising how flexible you are to avoid being pigeonholed, not to limit yourself and to continue growing ... You have the gift of catching others with your Gemini essence, without wanting it or looking for it, just with your naturalness and spontaneity and that is really wonderful. With you it is impossible to get bored and feel tiny, on the contrary, you make the people around you end up having a very special shine. Take great pride in that, because it is an exclusive gift, something very yours, a true lottery prize.

You are tolerant with everyone (except for those maximum Lucifer moments that you get when you dislike someone for more than justified reasons, of course) and not everyone has that. You do not care about roots, age or beliefs, you believe in people, hearts and minds and that is a source of great pride.

Having you as a partner, as a friend or as a travel and life companion, is a complete adventure and a fucking Gemini privilege. Hopefully more people like you in this world. Hopefully and more smiles like this one that is being born to you right now after reading all this. Seriously Gemini, never stop smiling, okay? Because you will never stop shining.

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