What should a Capricorn do in quarantine?


The worst thing you have in quarantine, Capricorn, seeing how all your plans for the future are spoiled and how everything you had prepared is useless at all. What is bothering you the most is that your vision of the future has been totally taken away and destroyed. What you should do this quarantine is try to focus on what is important at this moment and not worry so much about the future. There are things that must continue to stand regardless of everything else. Your priority right now is to keep things going, stick to all your goals, and never give up.

To make this something more bearable, Capricorn, do not forget to establish a routine with your own goals and to comply with it. This time you don’t have to be so overwhelmed. Make sure you take your time for each thing and take it easy. It is likely that during this time of isolation you will try to lead a normal life (within what is possible), but, Capricorn, take your time also to develop that idea you have in mind, to improve something in your life or to satisfy a certain desire. It is time to invest much more time in yourself and your well-being.

You have many things in your hand that can help you improve and now is the time. Take advantage of the quarantine to learn to do what you always resist, to improve in that aspect that always makes you fail. You are going to end your quarantine being that person you have always wanted to be. So, Capricorn, what you should do is make the most of your time. There is no doubt that you will get it, because you are an expert at it. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your people.

For you, your family is a fundamental pillar and what you must do every day is to remind them how important they are to you at this time. You are very strong, Capricorn, and there is no doubt that you will do your best in these difficult times.

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