What should a capricorn be proud of?


Dear Capricorn, we know that you take great pride in who you are and in all that you have done and worked hard. We also know that you are very proud of the people who have stayed with you to death and who left to make your life much easier and more beautiful. We know that you do not need anyone to remind you or tell you of what you have or you do not have to feel pride, but you are missing a very important detail and that, you do not know ...

What is it that has changed within you and that you do not show for fear of exposing it too much? Think and you will get it right. Make yourself comfortable and keep reading, we know your curiosity is piquing you ... Keep thinking Capricorn, because you’re not going wrong. What you should feel more pride than ever is the change that your INNER SELF has given.That’s right, in part you don’t like to say that you have changed because you do not change, that is something that does not make you very funny because you like to be very faithful to your essence, but you have to recognize that there is something inside you that is not like It was for some time now ... Why hide it? For fear that someone will find out and screw it up? For fear of being intoxicated? Come on goat, let’s be proud of who we are and put aside the typical shits of what they will say about me once and for all.

You are perseverance in the most necessary moments. You are much more so when you want to get away with it and you know it.
Maybe that point and the fact that you have a character tougher than a rock, make you have more enemies than slabs on your back many times, but know how to be patient and not give importance to those who do not have it. A million points to you for staying like this Capricorn, you are a very good example of elegance personified. It is very gratifying to have you around, because you transmit truth, honesty, security and loyalty and that, in this crazy world, right now is a fucking privilege and really, you have to be very proud of it ...

Hopefully and more people like your Capricorn. Thanks to you, the heroes that everyone talks about and admires, become more in touch with planet earth. Thanks to you, we can believe that those heroes can also be flesh and blood. You know why? Because you are a hero without a cape who gives life lessons without knowing it and without looking for it. But always, leaving a mark for life.

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