What should a cancer do in quarantine?


What worries you most about this quarantine, Cancer is the health of yours and not being able to be by their side to take care of them. For you, being at home is not a big problem, because between one thing and another, you are in your comfort zone and you are at ease, but you are very concerned about being away from your people. What you should do is keep making your usual plans, but this time through a video call. Talking to them throughout the day will make you feel much more connected and calm. You need the affection of yours and even if it is through the distance, make sure you have it.

It is the perfect time to delight your palate with new recipes, Cancer. Cooking these days can be a very interesting and fun distraction for you. It is the best time to get fully into it, without distractions and without feeling bad about preparing different foods. It will make you feel better about yourself and it will help you for a moment to disconnect from the real world and forget everything that is happening out there.

You will spend a lot of time in your home, so the cleaner, more comfortable and safe it is, the better. What you have to do these days is make your home a more welcoming place. After all, Cancer, you are quite a home person and your environment is very important. Place those images or photographs that remind you of all the people who are far from you. Memories these days are very important and so is your family.

You are a very creative and dreamy person, so use this moment to start a kind of diary of this different journey that you have had to live. Since they have taken part of your freedom, Cancer, you need to express yourself however you want, so now more than ever, let your imagination run wild.

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