What should a cancer be proud of?

Dear Cancer, take a moment to sit somewhere with a lot of peace and quiet. Try to clear your mind and just read. Don’t look for Cancer excuses, because this time it’s your turn. You have to be the protagonist for a moment. You have to read some of the many reasons we have to feel that pride we feel in having you close. This is Cancer, this time, it is your turn to be the part that receives compliments, advice, nice things and reflections and a MILLION THANKS. Above all, because of the way you take care of the people who need it most.

Your heart is a very warm and natural mini home. Your home is a place for everyone. For those who need your help, your advice or simply, for those who feel alone and lost ...

Your sensitivity makes you empathize a lot with the people around you, you make them feel very good by your side, you give Cancer everything without asking for anything in return ...
You show a lot for yours crab, without measures, without limits and without fear, but you also swallow many things, problems and worries ... You also keep quiet more than you should, and all for not worrying them, all for not giving them a responsibility that they do not you want them to have: take care of you. That’s right, you prefer to be the one who takes care of you than to be the one who takes care of you and that says a lot about you Cancer. The commitment that you sign with your people is really wonderful.

It is obvious that in the rest you are a real roller coaster, that today you are fucking great and tomorrow you can be like a cricket cage, all the fruit of your personality, all part of you, but even that makes you someone incredibly special crab.

We know that you take a lot of pride in all the good people around you. We know that you are very proud to have the love that you have in your life. For all that has been lived, for what has been learned and for all that is yet to come. We know that your magic and that your witchcraft gift feed that pride that you have towards everything that surrounds you and you do not know how happy that makes us, but we would be much happier when you are 100% proud of who you are today. Cancer, value yourself as you really deserve.

Do not ever feel that you are a useless being that all he does is work, study and live and walk in a mechanical way.
NEVER AGAIN do you allow yourself the luxury of not looking favorably upon yourself, crab, because the magic and value you hold in your heart are truly invaluable. Get excited as you can be doing now, smile Cancer, show off your personality and eat the world as only you know. It is a true gift the privilege of having hearts like yours in this world, that you know.

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