What should a aquarius be proud of?


Dear Aquarius, first of all, thank you for being an Aquarius. Thank you for not having followed that malicious flock of sheep that wanted to pigeonhole you in the typical, in the basic, in that bunch of minds that claim to be creative but do nothing but copy each other. Thank you for being the sheep that has strayed the most times, for being the link that gets lost every two by three and above all, for making you proud to be like that. That is Aquarius, take pride in being very different from others, because that is what makes you a true genius. Someone truly unmatched. A true gift and treasure from heaven to give us very valuable lessons.

Without knowing it, you encourage us not to settle for anything. To not let anyone tell us how we should be. Not to let our fucking fears be bigger than our desires and our dreams ... You encourage us to seek more and more, to stop creating bad prejudices that only limit us and put brakes on us ... You encourage us to want to be like you, without being like you and that, it’s really wonderful Aquarius. You are a true charm of a person who hooks without intending it. You have to feel very proud of being able to have followed all your dreams, despite everything ...

You have to feel a lot of pride in being an Aquarius, because the respect you give to the people who are part of your life is priceless.
Even if you have very different opinions with yours, you do not want them to think like you. You are not looking for them to join your club, because you highly value the freedom of each and every person in this world and because, above all, you are free and you want the whole world to be like that, free from the cradle.

You are that friend who is friends with everyone but who, in turn, always has a small space of very personal mystery and really untouchable by anyone else. Take pride in having perfectly created your own parallel reality. Be very proud of that mind you have and that crazy head that, despite everything, is giving you so much ... You have no idea how much Aquarius is to come. You do not have or stop the thousands of doors that having an open mind, healthy, without prejudice and with the doors open to learn all the lessons that come and more will open. Bravo for you Aquarius.

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